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The company’s core aim is to provide engineered antibodies for all. Absolute Antibody has developed a proprietary manufacturing platform based on transient transfection for the recombinant production of sequenced and engineered antibodies. This enables rapid, inexpensive and animal-free reformatting of antibodies into almost any format. All antibodies are extremely pure (>98% with <1 EU/mg endotoxin) and offer ultra-low batch-to-batch variability.
Antibody engineering services
Antibody Chimerization
enables you to create a chimeric antibody, consisting of the original variable domains from your antibody with the constant domains from a different species, for almost any mammalian species. More
Antibody Humanization
royalty free antibody humanization service for antibodies from any species to reduce immunogenicity More
Bispecific antibodies
Absolute Antibody can reformat any pair of antibodies into an IgG-scFv format (i.e. an IgG with a scFv fused to the C-terminus of the IgG). This results in a bispecific bivalent antibody format capable of binding two antigens simultaneously. Request information
Antibody fragments
In certain situations antibody fragments offer an ideal alternative to full length antibodies. Absolute Antibody converts any antibody into a fragment, such as a single chain Fv (scFv), Fab or F(ab)’2, followed by expression and purification at any scale. More
Isotype switching
allows you to alter the isotype and/or subtype of any antibody. Would like to convert your IgG to an IgM for increased avidity? Maybe you wish to convert a mouse IgG2A to a mouse IgG1 for reduced Fc receptor interaction? Request a quote
Fc Silent™ – Engineered Fc Domain
Fc Silent™ represents a genetically engineered Fc domain developed at Absolute Antibody, containing key point mutations that abrogate binding of Fc receptors (FcγR, FcR) and complement (C1q), therefore, abolishing antibody directed cytotoxicity (ADCC) and complement directed cytotoxicity (CDC) effector functions (patent in progress). More
Primary Antibody and Recombinat Protein Product Catalog
The Absolute Antibody catalogue of reagents is growing all the time and offers a comprehensive range of reagents for both diagnostic and research purposes. All monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins are offered in multiple formats to suit your research needs!
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