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Thunder-Link®: Oligonucleotide Labeling Kits for Immuno-PCR

Thunder-Link® kits enable you to easily conjugate oligonucleotides to antibodies or gold particles.

  • Unidirectional technology: allows ONLY formation of molecule-oligonucleotide complexes and never molecule-molecule or oligonucleotide-oligonucleotide
  • Any oligo sequence may be used and the target chemistry may be at the 5' or 3'
  • Applications: Immuno-PCR, Proximity ligation assay, Proximity extension assay, Fluorescent antibody labeling
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NEW!! Biotinylation with "Lightning-Link® Rapid Biotin" kit

Biotin binds with exceptionally high affinity to tetrameric avidin proteins - thus biotinylations are an important laboratory technique.

Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labeling kits enable direct labeling of antibodies or other biomolecules. Conjugates are ready within less than 20 minutes! Only 30 sec hands-on time! Read more...

  • Biotinylation Kit Type A - if using a streptavidin-labeled detection reagent
  • Biotinylation Kit Type B - if the biotinylated protein is captured by streptavidin immobilized on a surface (plates, nitrocellulose, beads...)

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