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Product Cat.Nr. Qty
Price CHF
ECL Express ECLS0250 250 mL
ECLS0500 500 mL
ECLS0250 5x 250 mL
ECLS0500 5x 500 mL
Competitor: ECL Pierce (Thermo) 250mL = 224.95
ECL Pico ECLP0100 100 mL
ECLP0250 250 mL
ECLP0500 500 mL
ECLP0100 5x 100 mL
ECLP0502 1L
ECLP0250 5x 250 mL
ECLP0500 5x 500 mL
ECLP0502 5x 1000 mL
Competitor: SuperSignal™ Pico (Thermo) 1L = 550.00 CHF
Product Cat.Nr. Qty
Price CHF
ECL Extra ECLD0250 250 mL
ECLD0500 500 mL
ECLD0250 5x 250 mL
ECLD0500 5x 500 mL
Competitor: Pierce™ ECL Plus (Thermo) 300mL = 658.30
ECL Extended ECLD0100 100 mL
ECLD0200 200 mL
ECLD0100 5x 100 mL
ECLD0200 5x 200 mL
Competitor: SuperSignal™ West Dura (Thermo) 100mL = 501.10
ECL Extreme ECLM0100 100 mL
ECLM0200 200 mL
ECLM0100 5x 100 mL
ECLM0200 5x 200 mL
Competitor: SuperSignal™ West Femto(Thermo) 100mL = 570.00

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