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p53 antibody [D01] (GTX70214) WB analysis of p53 expression in the indicated cell lines.   beta Catenin antibody [N1N2-2], N-term (GTX101435) WB analysis of beta catenin expression in the indicated cell lines.   BRCA1 antibody [17F8] - ChIP grade (GTX70111) IP analysis of BRCA1 protein in MCF7 cell extract.   EGFR antibody [C2C3], C-term (GTX100448) FACS analysis of EGFR protein in Huh7 cells.
Ki67 antibody [SP6] (GTX16667) IHC-P analysis of Ki67 protein in human stomach adenocarcinoma.   PARP1 antibody (GTX100573) WB analysis of PARP1 protein in HCT116 cells treated w/o cisplatin.   MMP2 antibody (GTX104577) IHC-P analysis of MMP2 expression in human breast carcinoma.   HIF1 alpha antibody [GT10211] (GTX628480) ICC analysis of Hif1 in HeLa cells treated with CoCl2.

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