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RayBio® ELISA's are pre-coated - Advantages:
  • All reagents included! Pre-aliquotted reagents!
  • No optimization needed
  • Better inter- and intra-assay reproducibility & consistency
  • Strip format (12x 8 strips): ideal for seperate performances
Types of Analytes • Secreted factors
• Soluble receptors
• Cytoplasmic proteins
• Adipokine
• Peptide hormones
• Phosphorylated signaling molecules • Phosphorylated signaling molecules
Applications • Detect single analytes
• Validate array results
• Validate biomarkers
• Detect single analytes
• Validate array results
• Validate biomarkers
• Detect pathway activation in cell or tissue extracts • Detect pathway activation in adherent cells with multiple conditions
Specials • Ideal for follow-up studies with our arrays
• Large selection!
• Unique targets available! • Faster than Western, with equal or better sensitivity • All steps in one plate: from cell culture to detection!
• High throughput
# of Kits
20% Discount on all RayBio® ELISA's. Promotion is valid until 11th June 2015. Discounts are not summable.
Please quote for "SM110315"

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