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Product Max. Yield Elution Vol. Vol. E. coli culture Processing Time Cat.nr.
Price CHF Promo Price CHF
ZymoPURE™ Midiprep Kit 300μg 100-200μl 50ml 18min D4200
376.00 244.00
676.00 440.00
ZymoPURE™ Maxiprep Kit 1200μg 200-400μl 150ml 18min D4202
303.00 197.00
598.00 389.00
ZymoPURE™ Gigaprep Kit 10mg 2-5ml 2.5L 40-50min D4204
693.00 450.00
*Offer is valid until 23rd February 2015. Discounts are not summable. Please quote for "SM220115"
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Company Product Max. Yield Time Price CHF (CHF/prep) *Promo Price (CHF/prep)
Zymo Research / Lucerna-Chem ZymoPURE™ Maxiprep Kit (20 preps, D4204) 1200ug 18min 598.00   (29.90) 389.00  (19.45)
Qiagen QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Maxi Kit (25 preps, 12963) 1000ug 20min 820.00   (32.80) -
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