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MP propose a large choice of Electrophoresis buffers, agaroses and other reagents for your electrophoresis of nucleic acids and gives an excellent resolution of the DNA bands under low voltage. MP products are RNAse, DNAse and Protease free.

  A selection of the best MP Biomedicals products for Gel analysis:
Cat.nr. Product
List Price CHF Promo Price CHF
Agarose Low EEO for analytical and preparative purpose  -20%
792.00 633.00
Ethidium bromide-Solution (10mg/mL)  -20%
10 ml
65.00 52.00
GLYCINE, Electrophoresis Grade  -64%
1 kg
126.00 45.00
Tris, Ultra Pure  -20%
1 kg
198.00 158.00
TBE 10XBuffer  -20%
1 l
61.00 48.80
  • Highest quality and purity
  • Certified molecular biology grade
  • High resolution gels
  • Absence of inhibitors to restriction enzymes
  • Efficient Southern and Northern transfers
Price Comparison:
Agarose / 100g


Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) / 100g
MPBio (Lucerna-Chem)
MPBio (Lucerna-Chem)
List Price CHF
Promo Price CHF
158.00   -38%
132.00   -64%
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