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The largest commercially available glycosylation antibody array

Detection tools for the research of glycobiology are currently in very limited supply. Recent technological advances by RayBiotech have enabled the largest commercially available glycosylation antibody array to date. With the Human Glycosylation Array 507, the glycosylation profiles of 507 human proteins can be simultaneously detected, including, but not limited to, cytokines, chemokines, adipokines, growth factors, angiogenic factors, proteases, soluble receptors, soluble adhesion molecules in cell culture supernatants, serum, plasma and other samples types. Read more

        • Identify and profile the glycans in your samples
        • Determine whether your biomarker of interest has glycan moieties
        • Find specific glycan binding ligands in biological samples
        • Determine relative expression levels
How it works  
Capture antibodies are printed onto glass slides and the glycans on these capture antibodies are removed. The glass slide arrays come pre-blocked and are ready to be incubated with samples.
  1. Dry the glass slide and incubate with samples
  2. Wash to remove unbound proteins
  3. Incubate with five unique biotin-labeled lectins to allow binding to the glycans from captured target proteins
  4. Incubate with Cy3 Equivalent Dye-Streptavidin
  5. Disassemble the glass slide and use laser fluorescence scanning to visualize the signals
  6. Perform densitometry and analysis (view Analysis Tool)
Product Cat.Nr. Size Price CHF
Human Glycosylation Array 507 GAH-GCM-507-2 2 Sample Kit inquire
GAH-GCM-507-4 4 Sample Kit inquire
Array Scanning and Analysis Services
New! No Scanner? No Problem!   -   Free Glass Slide Scanning Service
Don't have access to a compatible laser scanner? RayBiotech will scan your glass slides for free!
What services are available?
  1. Scanning Service: The slide(s) is scanned and the .TIFF image file is sent to the customer via email or drop-box
  2. Scanning and Date Extraction Service: The slide(s) is scanned, data extraction is performed, and the raw OD data is sent back via email. (Excel file).
  3. Scanning and Analysis Service: The slide(s) is scanned, data extraction is performed, and the data is analyzed by the appropriate RayBio® Analysis Tool (Excel file). This file is then sent back via email along with a copy of the image (PowerPoint file)*.                                *Image is only available upon request for Quantibody arrays
More info...    
Request a quotation for extraction and analysis services
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