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Chemokine receptors are found on a variety of cell types and mediate important functions like chemotaxis and inflammation. The receptors can be sorted based on their specific ligands (CXC, CC, CX3C and XC) and are composed of seven transmembrane spanning regions taht are coupled to G-proteins for downstream signaling. Bio Legend proudly supports chemokine research by releasing new antibodies for chemokine receptor detzection that feature outstanding affinity and specificity.
CX3CR1is expressed by resident and alternatively activated macrophages (M2), a subset of monocytes, dendritic cells (DC's), NK cells, a subset of memory T cells, and mast cells. CX3CR1 is involved in cell recruitement during inflammation and participates in cell adhesion and extravasation from blood vessels. Its ligand is CX3CL1, also known as fractalkine or neurotactin. in the brain, it is expressed by glial cells, which interact with CX3CL1 expressed by neurons.
C57BL/6 mouse splenocytes were stained with CD11b APC and CX3CR1 (clone SA011F11) PE (left) or mouse IgG2a, k PE isotype control (right).
XCR1, also known as GPR or CCXCR1, is the only member of the "C" chemokine receptor family. XCR1 mediates chemotaxis via binding to XCL1 and XCL2 (lymphotactin-1 and -2), and defines a subset of CD8a+ conventional dendritic cells capable of antigen crtoss-presentation.
Cells from collagenase-digested C57BL/6 mouse spleen were stained with CD11c Brilliant Violet 421™, CD8a APC and purified XCR1 (clone ZET, left) or purified mouse IgG2b, k isotype control (right). The cells were then stained with biotinylated anti-mouse IgG2b, followed by Sav-PE. Data shown was gated on the CD11c+ population.
CX3CR1 Products   XCR1 Products
Mouse Antibodies Clone
Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-mouse CX3CR1 SA011F11
PE anti-mouse CX3CR1 SA011F11
Purified anti-mouse CX3CR1 - *Coming Soon* SA011F11
Human Antibodies Clone
Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
APC anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
FITC anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
PE anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
PE/Cy7 anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
PerCP/Cy5.5 anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
Purified anti-human CX3CR1 2A9-1
PE anti-human CX3CR1 K0124E1
Purified anti-human CX3CR1 K0124E1
Mouse Antibodies Clone
Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-mouse/rat XCR1 - *Coming Soon* ZET
APC anti-mouse/rat XCR1 ZET
Biotin anti-mouse/rat XCR1 - *Coming Soon* ZET
FITC anti-mouse/rat XCR1 - *Coming Soon* ZET
PE anti-mouse/rat XCR1 ZET
PerCP/Cy5.5 anti-mouse/rat XCR1 - *Coming Soon* ZET
Purified anti-mouse/rat XCR1 ZET
CX3CL1 Products
Recombinant Proteins
Recombinant Human CX3CL1 (Fractalkine) (carrier-free)
Recombinant Mouse CX3CL1 (Fractalkine) (carrier-free)
Recombinant Rat CX3CL1 (carrier-free)
Antibodies Clone
Purified anti-CX3CL1 (Fractalkine) L393H11
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