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Strep-tag® - The leading affinity tag in recombinant protein technology

The Strep-tag® - Strep-Tactin® system developed by IBA GmbH is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification, detection and immobilization. Ideal for rapid and cost effective as well as versatile production and use of recombinant proteins!

  • Strep-tag® II is an undisturbing 8 amino acids short tag
  • Rapid one-step purification under physiological conditions
  • Unsurpassed purity and bioactivity
  • Generally no effect on protein structure or activity
  • Highly selective and easily controllable binding properties
  • Broad range of detergents, chelators, salt or redox conditions allowed
  • Avoids interaction with heavy metal ions which are toxic and may catalyze protein oxidation
  • C- or N-terminal fusion
  • Removal not required
  • Ideal for metalloproteins, membrane proteins, sensitive protein complexes with multiple subunits and any other protein (see references)
High quality products for use with this system:
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