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IVD-IHC Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb)   Popular IVD-IHC mAb Targets
Related Diseases Target Target
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis TARDBP ACTN4
Alzheimer's Disease EGR1, GBA HSD3B1
Bladder Cancer CTH SALL4
Breast Cancer EIF2C2, ENO1, FOXC2, GBA, HSD3B1, PGR, SALL4, TFF3, TUBA1B, YAP1 TFF3
Colorectal Cancer ANXA5, CDH17, CLDN1, EGR1, HMGB1, SALL4, TFF3  
Gastric Cancer YAP1  
Stomach Carcinoma HMGB1  
Lung Cancer ACTN4, CTH, ENO1, FOXC2, SALL4, TYMS  
Ovarian Cancer ACTN4, GBA, PGR, STIP1, TLN1, TYMS, YAP1  
Pancreatic Cancer ACTN4, TLN1  
Prostate Cancer HSD3B1, SPINK1, TFF3  
Research Grade IHC Antibodies   Popular IHC mAb Targets
Bladder Cancer Cervical Cancer YAP1
Endometrial Cancer Gastric Cancer SMC6L1
Leukemia Melanoma CDH17
Osteosarcoma Pancreatic Cancer EIF2C2
Thymoma Wilms Tumor MFN2
Breast Cancer Colorectal Cancer TOMM20
Esophageal Cancer Laryngeal Cancer SALL4
Lung Cancer Oral Cancer ETV6
Ovarian Cancer Prostate Cancer  
Thyroid Cancer    
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