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  MYLK Family

Myosin light chain kinases (MYLK/MLCKs) are calcium/Calmodulin-dependent enzymes that regulate muscle contraction. They phosphorylate myosin regulatory light chains, which in turn interact with actin filaments. The MYLK family contains four members, MLCK/MYLK and MYLKs 2-4. In particular, the MYLK gene encodes both the smooth-muscle and non-muscle (nmMYLK) isoforms of MYLK. MYLK plays a part in a wide range of biological processes whereby smooth-muscle MYLK regulates lymphatic contractility and vascular permeability, and nmMYLK appears to play a role in inflammation. Recent studies have indicated that upregulation of MYLK results in increased susceptibility to inflammatory conditions such as asthma. MYLK hypermethylation has been observed in gastric cancers where rate of methylation is associated with tumor size. Thus, MYLK methylation patterns may be useful as biomarkers for the diagnosis of certain cancers.

SignalChem offers Active Kinases for all members of the MYLK family and related signaling proteins and reagents to facilitate the study of these molecules and their downstream pathways.

Enzymes Catalog # Pricing CHF
MLCK, Active M62-11G view pricing
MYLK2, Active M63-10H view pricing
MYLK3, Active M64-10G view pricing
MYLK4, Active NEW! M74-10G view pricing
siRNAs Catalog # Pricing CHF
MLCK siRNA Set I M62-911 view pricing
MYLK2 siRNA Set I M63-911 view pricing
MYLK3 siRNA Set I M64-911 view pricing
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Product Catalog #   Product Catalog #
ADCK1 Protein A10-11G MYLK4, Active M74-10G
ADCK3 Protein A37-11G MYO3alpha, Active M65-11G
ADCK5 Protein A13-11G Tau-441 Protein T08-54H
CK1 alpha 1L, Active C75-10G TPM3-ALK Mutant, Active A19-19DG
EML4-ALK Mutant, Active A19-19G TPM3-TRKA Mutant, Active N16-19DG
ERN2 (IRE2), Active E32-11G TPR-TRKA Mutant (TRK-T1), Active N16-19BG
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