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Finding Improved Markers of Acute Kidney Injury

"The Search for Improved Markers of Acute Kidney Injury" (AACC, January 2014) points out that acute kidney injury (AKI) -- once thought to be an episode patients generally recover from -- actually speeds development and worsening of chronic kidney disease (CKD). This adds urgency to the need to develop better, earlier biomarkers of AKI.

Monitoring changes in recently identified urinary AKI biomarkers seem to be appropriate for detecting early signs of AKI. The latter is easily achieved by using RayBiotech provides an array panel for early detection of AKI in Human and Rat or AKI antibodies to customize your Quantibody® Arrays.

Investigation of NGAL, KIM-1, L-FABP and other proteins potentially useful as early markers of AKI have become a high priority for the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency. Additional next-generation biomarkers that have been identified for early AKI include urinary and/or plasma levels of Cystatin C, Albumin, Clusterin, Trefoil Factor 3, beta-2-microglobulin, and Osteopontin.

RayBiotech's AKI Arrays for Human and Rat detect all of the markers mentioned above.

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