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New for October
Name Catalog # Name Catalog #
FGFR2 (K641R), Active F05-12DG MLK4, Active M48-11G
FGFR3 (G697C), Active F06-12FG Tau-441, BRSK1-phosphorylated T08-50N
FGFR3 (K650M), Active F06-12DG Tau-441, BRSK2-phosphorylated T08-50BN
FGFR3 (K650Q), Active F06-12EG Tau-441, CAMK2-phosphorylated T08-50CN
FGFR4 (N535K), Active F07-12G Tau-441, GSK3b-phosphorylated T08-50FN
FGFR4 (V550E), Active F07-12BG Tau-441, PHKG2-phosphorylated T08-50KN
FGFR4 (V550L), Active F07-12CG Tau-441, PKA-phosphorylated T08-50LN
FGFR4 (V550M), Active F07-12DG Tau-441, TTBK1-phosphorylated T08-50ON
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