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The simple antibody labeling kits are of special interest to the flow cytometry community, as there are over 40 different labels including fluorescent proteins, dyes and tandems, which span the whole light spectrum from UV to far infrared.

It is therefore now possible for the flow cytometry user to design and develop a unique set of labeled antibodies for use in the flow cytometer using commercially sourced unlabeled antibodies. Furthermore, there are many benefits associated with direct labeling of a primary antibody:

  • Eliminates the need for the use of secondary antibodies, thus reducing the number of incubation and wash steps – saves both time and money.
  • In experiments which use several antibodies simultaneously, cross-species reactivity is not an issue as the primary antibodies can be labelled with different dyes. With indirect detection, cross-species reactivity of secondary antibodies is often a problem.

For additional information see “Guide to Antibody Labeling and Direct Detection.”

Our recent article published in the Cell Culture Dish outlines the principles and applications of flow cytometry, along with tips on how to directly label your antibodies for flow in order to overcome commonly encountered problems such as non-specific binding.

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