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Anti-DYKDDDDK tag (L5) Affinity Gel
For Easy Protein Purification
L5 antibody conjugated to an agarose resin, which can be used for purification of proteins expressing the octapeptide, DYKDDDDK. The DYKDDDDK tag, commonly referred to as Sigma®'s FLAG® Tag, is often used as a protein modification in order to simplify the labeling and detection of proteins. The binding capacity of the L5 agarose resin is greater than 0.8 mg/ml. The resin can be re-used for at least five times. This affinity gel is also useful for immunoprecipitation of DYKDDDDK-tagged protein.
Product Cat# Qty
Price CHF
Anti-DYKDDDDK Tag (L5) Affinity Gel 651501 500 μl 244.00
651502 2 ml 537.00
651503 5 ml 969.00
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