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FRET   Flow Cytometry
FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) is an extremely powerful tool for identifying molecular interactions and for construction of so called "tandem" dyes for use in flow cytometry. More information...
Pre-staining with fluorescently labeled antibodies can be used to characterise cellular components and/or integrity or expression of different proteins.
More information...
A common problem:
Sourcing labeled reagents for FRET or Flow Cytometry


It is an expensive task for the commercial market to provide all antibodies prelabeled –especially as today there are a large number of fluorescent proteins and dyes. Additionally, traditional labelling of commercially sourced antibodies has been cost effective and faces difficulties such as antibody loss.

The solution: Lightning-Link® the world’s easiest to use bioconjugation kit! By eliminating the column separation steps and simplifying the procedure Lightning-Link® has overcome problems commonly associated with the traditional methods, i.e. batch variation, loss of material and difficulties with scale up.

This unique technology therefore allows the end user to develop a panel of labeled antibodies for flow cytometry and/or FRET using commercially sourced unlabeled antibodies.

There are over 40 antibody labeling kits which cover the spectrum from UV to far infrared:
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