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Breakthrough RNA Isolation with RNAzol® RT
a new single-step method for isolation of RNA without Phase Separation

RNAzol®RT is the most effective reagent for
isolation of pure and undegraded RNA with protocols yielding either a single fraction containing total RNA or two separate fractions containing mRNA and small RNA, from a wide variety of samples. The isolated RNA is ready for any downstream application without prior DNase treatment. More...

  • One-Step Method without Phase Separation
  • RNA isolation < 1 hour. All steps performed at room temperature!
  • No chloroform - induced phase separation. Just add water!
  • RNA is ready for all applications. No DNase treatment necessary
Nature Methods, November 2010 P. Chomczynski et al.: "RNAzol RT simplifies the single-step method and adds to its versatility and effectiveness"
Product Name Catalog# Qty Price CHF
RNAzol RT Reagent
RN-190-1 50ml 93.00
RN-190-2 100ml 165.00
RN-190-3 200ml 300.00
RN-190-4 500ml 743.00
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