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EasyBlot, finally a solution to masking by denatured IgG!
Immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-Immunoprecipitation (co-IP) assays often necessitate the use of the same, or same-host, antibodies for both the IP and western blot steps of these procedures. In these situations the target protein signal can be partially or completely masked on the western blot by secondary antibody detection of the denatured heavy and light chains of the IP antibody. GeneTex’s collection of EasyBlot secondary antibodies eliminates this problem by binding only to the non-denatured primary antibody used for the western blot while ignoring the denatured IgG chains of the IP antibody. In addition, GeneTex’s EasyBlocker reagent eliminates background signal caused by free Protein A or Protein G. Together, these reagents will help you to get the cleanest results on your IP/co-IP experiments.
Efficiently eliminates denatured IgG masking of your target protein’s signal.
Works well for immunoprecipitations and co-immunoprecipitations using Protein A-, Protein G-, or Agarose-conjugated antibodies.
Individual EasyBlot reagents to detect primary antibodies from rabbit, mouse, rat, goat or sheep hosts.
Simple! Just replace your regular secondary antibody with the appropriate EasyBlot secondary antibody! For background caused by free Protein A or Protein G, try our EasyBlocker reagent available alone or in a convenient kit form combined with individual EasyBlot secondary antibodies.
Eliminate Cat. No. Product Pricing
Masking bands by denatured IgG GTX221666-01 EasyBlot anti-Rabbit IgG (HRP) pricing
GTX221667-01 EasyBlot anti-Mouse IgG (HRP) pricing
GTX628474-01 EasyBlot anti-Rat IgG (HRP) pricing
GTX628547-01 EasyBlot anti-Goat IgG (HRP) pricing
GTX628906-01 EasyBlot anti-Sheep IgG (HRP) pricing
Masking bands by denatured IgG & background from protein A/G GTX225856-01 EasyBlot anti-Rabbit IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) pricing
GTX225857-01 EasyBlot anti-Mouse IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) pricing
GTX228909-01 EasyBlot anti-Rat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) pricing
GTX228910-01 EasyBlot anti-Goat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) pricing
GTX228911-01 EasyBlot anti-Sheep IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) pricing
Background from protein A/G GTX425858 EasyBlocker pricing
Metabolism: Product Highlight
Lipid metabolism involves both lipolysis, which refers to the breakdown of fats, and beta-oxidation, which involves the oxidation of fatty acids to produce energy. The metabolism of lipids is an efficient means of producing ATP. However, the insolubility of lipids makes access difficult, so they are generally used as a source of energy only when carbohydrate supplies are limited. The dysregulation of lipid metabolism is involved in the pathogenesis of a variety of diseases including atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer.
New Discovery
  • A recent study published in the journal Atherosclerosis reports that resveratrol, a phenolic compound found in red wine, up-regulates LDLR gene expression in HepG2 cells. It appears to enhance LKLR gene promoter activity through the proteolytic activation of SREBP-1 and SREBP-2. Read more
  • According to a new study from the University of Arkansas, dietary soy induces the expression of lipogenic enzyme genes, including ME1, SREBP-1c and SREBP-2, in obese rats. The authors conclude that long-term soy protein consumption can counter hepatic steatosis while also promoting hepatic lipogenic gene expression and suggest that elevations in serum insulin, hepatic lipogenesis and cholesterol synthesis all contribute to the increased tumorigenesis previously observed in obese, soy protein-fed rats. Read more
  • Hasumura et al. recently reported that green tea extract increases the expression of lipid catabolism genes, including ACADM, ACOX1 and PPARA, in zebrafish with diet-induced obesity. The zebrafish that were given the green tea extract were also less obese than their untreated counterparts. Read more
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