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Soaring with the Ikaros family
The Ikaros family is a group of zinc finger transcription factors, consisting of Ikaros, Aiolos, Helios, Eos and Pegasus. Ikaros can be found in T and B cells, regulating several genes associated with hematopoietic function. Aiolos has similar functions to Ikaros and is particularly important in lymphocyte differentiation and B cell development. The two newest members, Eos and Pegasus, are not well defined in terms of function. Finally, Helios was found to be highly expressed in certain Treg subpopulations. Its role in Tregs has been further elucidated in papers by Zabransky (2012) and Gottschalk (2013).
Human & Mouse Antibodies
Description Clone Format
Mouse/Human Helios 22F6 Alexa Fluor®488, Alexa Fluor® 647, APC, FITC, Pacific Blue™, PE, PerCP/Cy5.5, Purified
Mouse Aiolos 8B2 PE, Purified
Mouse Ikaros 2A9/Ikaros PE, Purified
Mouse Helios Treg Flow™ Kit 22F6/MF-14/Gk1.5  
Toll-like receptors: Gatekeepers of innate immunity

Learn more about TLRs and their function!
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) play a vital role in innate immunity and are expressed on a variety of cell types. these proteins are known as pattern recognition receptors and help detect baczteria, fungi and viruses. TLR activation leads to a wide range of effects, including inflammation, complement activation and phagocytosis. TLRs serve as an innate defense mechanism against microbial threats.
Human & Mouse Antibodies
Description Clone
Human MyD88 Poly6489
Human TLR1 (CD281) GD2.F4, TLR1.136
Human TLR2 (CD282) T2.5, TL2.1
Human TLR3 (CD283) TLR-104
Human TLR4 (CD284) HTA125
Human TLR6 (CD286) TLR6.127
Mouse MyD88 Poly6489
Mouse TLR2 (CD282) T2.5
Mouse TLR3 (CD283) 11F8
Mouse TLR4 (CD284)/MD2 Complex MTS510
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