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BioLegend's LEGENDScreen™ products are lyophilized, fluorophore-conjugated antibodies provided in 96-well plates for the purpose of screening cell surface molecules on your cells of interest.
Why choose LEGENDScreen™?
  • Large selection of specificities - Human Cell Screening Kit has 332 specificities plus 10 isotype controls.
  • Fast and easy to follow protocol.
  • Directly conjugated antibodies at pre-titrated optimal concentrations provide reliable results.
  • Full kit with staining buffer, fixation buffer, and plate sealers.
Introducing LEGENDScreen™ Human Cell Screening (PE) Kit (cat # 700001).
This kit contains 332 PE-conjugated monoclonal antibodies against human cell surface markers, plus 10 mouse, rat, and hamster Ig isotype controls. All of the antibodies have been pre-titrated to optimum concentrations, arrayed on four 96-well plates, and lyophilized in a ready to use format. LEGENDScreen™ is the most cost-effective way to test this many directly-conjugated antibodies in a single assay.
This kit can be used to screen cell lines and primary cells (PBMCs, bone marrow derived cells, and cells isolated from tissues). The workflow is simple and easy. Just reconstitute the antibodies, add your cells and then analyze. Cell staining is done directly in the plates, so no additional transfer of reconstituted antibody is required.

Blank wells on the plates allow for adding your own markers. This format allows users to screen cells of interest directly or co-stain with other markers labeled with different fluorochromes. Positive hits from the screening can be quickly identified based on the plate maps in the manual or online, with detailed clone information. Individual fluorochrome conjugated antibodies should be used to confirm the screening results.

The LEGENDScreen™ Human Cell Screening Kit provides a convenient, easy to use, and powerful tool for immunology, stem cell, and cancer research.

Download Manual (pdf)

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