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wide range of eukaryotic cells (incl. hard-to-transfect & primary cells)
wide range of eukaryotic cells
Transfection of all types of nucleic acids (siRNA, DNA, shRNA, mRNA)
Transfection of DNA
Time per Experiment
4 days
3 days: transfect the same day as seeding!!
not necessary
only two fixed DNA:lipid ratios
not specified
METAFECTENE® EASY+     Seed & transfect in a single day!
  • for transfection of eukaryotic cells with DNA    View application notes
  • no serum inhibition
  • Fast: Seed & transfect in a single day - perform 2 consecutive assays within a single working-week!
  • Easy: Optimization involves only two fixed DNA:lipid ratios
  • Efficient: low cell toxicity and high transfection efficiency - reagent of choice for sensitive cells
  • Cost-effective: low reagent volume needed - up to 750 (24-well) or <160 (6-well) per 1ml reagent

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  • Noon et al., 2010. 53BP1-dependent robust localized KAP-1 phosphorylation is essential for heterochromatic DNA double-strand break repair. Nature Cell Biology 12, 177 - 184 (2010).
Product Supplier Cat. No. Qty
Price (CHF)
Biontex T090-0.1 0.1ml
T090-1.0 1ml
Sets new standards in eukaryotic cell transfection!
  • very high cell transfection efficiency
  • very high expression rates per cell
  • minimized toxicity
  • suitable for an almost unlimited range of uses (ideal also for hard-to-transfect cells, extremely suitable for bacmid transfections, viral production, biochemistry studies, protein production, etc.)

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  • Park et al., 2011. Comparative nucleic acid transfection efficacy in primary hepatocytes for gene silencing and functional studiies. Comparison of Metafectene, Metafectene Pro and Lipofectamine 2000.BMC Research Notes 2011, 4:8.
  • Goodarzi et al., 2008. ATM Signaling Facilitates Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks Associated with Heterochromatin. Molecular Cell 31, 167–177, July 25, 2008.
  • Aden et al., 2008. Lowpotency glucocorticoidhydrocortisonehas similarneurotoxic effects ashigh-potency glucocorticoid dexamethasone on neurons in the immature chicken cerebellum. Brain Res. (2008).
  • Maucksch et al., 2008. Cell type differences in activity of the Streptomyces bacteriophage {phi}C31 integrase. Nucleic Acids Res., Aug 2008; 1-10.
  • Tabatabai et al., 2008. VEGF-dependent induction of CD62E on endothelial cells mediates glioma tropism of adult haematopoietic progenitor cells. Brain, Aug 2008.
  • Germain et al., 2008. MCL-1 Inhibits BAX in the Absence of MCL-1/BAX Interaction. J. Biol. Chem., Mar 2008; 283: 6384 - 6392.
Product Supplier Cat. No. Qty
Price (CHF)
Biontex T040-0.2 0.2ml
T040-1.0 1ml
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