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RNA Shield™ instantly lyses cells, ensures RNA stability and preserves expression profiles during transport or long-term storage at ambient temperature without the need for cold storage or specialized equipment. RNA Shield™ effectively inactivates RNases and infectious agents. RNA Shield™ stabilizes both RNA and DNA at ambient temperature.

Simply add a sample to RNA Shield™ and store/transport for later processing of high-quality RNA (and DNA). Samples in RNA Shield™ can be added directly to most of Zymo Research's RNA purification kits, unlike other reagents, which require complicated and time-consuming removal steps. More...

Cat# Product Quantity Price CHF
R1100-50 RNA Shield™ Reagent 50ml inquire
R1100-250 250ml inquire
R1100 RNA Shield™ Purification Kit (supplied with the RNA Shield™ reagent) 50ml inquire
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