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The NEXTflex™ Pre-Capture Combo Kit is the first complete kit designed to work in combination with the Roche Nimblegen v3 SeqCap EZ Exome and EZ Choice Library kits. Bioo Scientific’s advanced library preparation technology, barcoded adapters and barcode blockers, all included in a single kit, make upstream processing of samples for targeted capture and enrichment easy and cost effective.

By using a library kit optimized for subsequent target enrichment, the user can expect comprehensive coverage of coding regions, more library, higher target enrichment efficiency and maximized variant discovery. Bioo Scientific is the only company that provides ready-to-use DNA Barcode Blockers for target capture. By providing the option of pre-capture or post-capture pooling of samples, the user is able to multiplex their samples efficiently, reducing sequencing costs and making high-throughput sequencing runs possible.

The kit incorporates “Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology”, which facilitates ligation of long adapters, resulting in longer and more diverse sequencing reads. Bioo Scientific’s robust series of NEXTflex Ligation and Polymerase reaction mixes ensure the highest quality libraries for superior target enrichment and performance using the Nimblegen SeqCap EZ Library kits. Read more

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