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InnovaCoat™ GOLD is a revolutionary kit for the covalent conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies, proteins and biomolecules. This innovative new technology provides significant advantages over traditional passive adsorption methods. More...

  • 2 minutes hands-on time
  • 100% antibody recovery
  • ready-to-use antibody-gold
    conjugates in just 15 minutes!
Product Cat# Qty Price CHF
InnovaCoat™ GOLD - 20OD 40nm Gold Particle Kits 230-0005 3 Reaction 40nm Mini Kit pricing
230-0010 10 Reaction 40nm Mini Kit pricing
230-0015 1 Reaction 40nm Midi Kit pricing
InnovaCoat™ GOLD Biotin 240-0200 200ul pack pricing
240-1000 1ml pack pricing
InnovaCoat™ GOLD Streptavidin 250-0200 200ul pack pricing
250-1000 1ml pack pricing
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