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NEW: Signaling Explorer Antibody Microarray
The Signaling Explorer Antibody Array is a microarray consisting of 1358 well-characterized antibodies covering multiple biological signaling pathways. It is a great tool for biomarker screening and discovery.
  Explorer Arrays     Phosphorylation Arrays
Explorer Antibody Array (656 Antibodies)
New: Signaling Explorer Array (1358 Ab's)
Phospho Explorer Array (1318 Ab's)

Phospho AKT Pathway
Phospho AKT/PKB
Phospho AMPK
Phospho Apoptosis
Phospho CancerApoptosis
Phospho Cancer Signaling
Phospho Cell Cycle
Phospho Cell Cycle Control
Phospho Chromatin
Phospho CREB
Phospho Cytoskeleton II
Phospho EGF
Phospho ErbB/Her
Phospho ERK
Phospho FGF
Phospho GPCR

Phospho IGF-1R
Phospho Insulin Receptor
Phospho Jak/Stat
Phospho Jak/Stat II
Phospho MAPK
Phospho mTOR
Phospho Neuroscience
Phospho NF-kB II
Phospho Nuclear Receptors
Phospho p53
Phospho PDGF
Phospho T-Cell Receptors
Phospho TGF-Beta
Phospho VEGF
Phospho WNT Signaling
Tyrosine Phospho ProArray

  Pathway Arrays    
Cell Cycle
Signal Transduction
Stem Cell
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