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We are happy to announce the distribution of Everest Biotech - experts in antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies. Everest has been producing thousands of goat antibodies against a broad range of human, mouse and rat proteins of biomedical interest.

All antibodies are tested by peptide ELISA and western blot and are covered by "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" - the antibodies work in your lab or you get your money back.

Everest Biotech's antibodies are released either as Elite Grade or Aspiring Grade products, depending on their performance in testing and the state of knowledge about the target protein.

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EIA validated antibodies:
Goat Anti-Alpha2-antiplasmin Antibody (EB08777)
Goat Anti-DGAT2 Antibody (EB07661)
Goat Anti-NANOG (C Terminus) Antibody (EB07693)
EB05500 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-Plakoglobin / Gamma-catenin antibody
EB06667 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-MYD88 Antibody
EB06720 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-PAI1 / SERPINE1 Antibody
EB06765 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-MIF Antibody
EB06984 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-MAOB Antibody
EB07200 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-SMAD9 Antibody
EB07208 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-SOD1 Antibody
EB07248 (Pep-ELISA, EIA) Goat Anti-Prealbumin / Transthyretin Antibody
EB07319 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-GPX7 Antibody
EB07333 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-VHL Antibody
EB07357 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-COMT (internal) Antibody
EB07478 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-GFAP Antibody
EB07550 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-RAD9A Antibody
EB07661 (Pep-ELISA, IHC, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-DGAT2 Antibody
EB07693 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-NANOG (C Terminus) Antibody
EB07734 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-FOXO4 / MLLT7 Antibody
EB07748 (Pep-ELISA, EIA) Goat Anti-ACACB Antibody
EB07841 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-G6PD (aa 308 - 320) Antibody
EB07874 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-Fumarase / FH Antibody
EB08106 (Pep-ELISA, EIA) Goat Anti-NODAL Antibody
EB08777 (Pep-ELISA, EIA, WB, IHC) Goat Anti-Alpha2-antiplasmin Antibody
EB08987 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-LTF Antibody
EB09092 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-FTL Antibody
EB09525 (Pep-ELISA, WB, IHC, EIA) Goat Anti-Calnexin Antibody
EB09787 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-PAX4 Antibody
EB10118 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-ALDH2 Antibody
EB10269 (Pep-ELISA, WB, EIA) Goat Anti-PRKAA2 Antibody
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