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FastPrep® Lysing Matrix Tubes

Many optimized matrices to lyse even your toughest samples
Impact-Resistant Tubes are available in 2 mL, 4.5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL and 250 mL and contain a wide variety of material to meet your lysing needs.

> Find your lysing matrix

FastDNA, FastRNA, and FastProtein Extraction Kits

Higher Yields, Consistant Quality, SuperFast
Versatile extraction kits deliver the highest yields and superior quality DNA, RNA and Proteins, ready-to-use in any downstream application.

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New FastRNA Spin Kits for Isolation of Total RNA

The FastRNA™ SPIN Kits quickly and efficiently isolate high-quality, total RNA from tough-to-lyse bacterial and yeast cells in approximately 15 minutes using a zirconium silicate Lysing Matrix (0.1mm) to lyse bacteria and SPIN columns for the purification process.

> FastRNA Spin Kit for Microbes
> FastRNA Spin Kit for Yeast

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