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Brilliant Violet 711™ and Brilliant Violet 785™ are the newest additions to the Brilliant Violet™ family of novel violet laser-excitable polymers. With seven distinct emission fluorophores conjugated to a wide selection of anti-human and mouse antibodies, the violet laser is now a brilliant tool for multicolor flow cytometry. Maximize the capacity of your violet laser with the large selection of directly labeled Brilliant Violet™ antibody conjugates. View all Brilliant Violet antibody conjugates
  • Extremely bright
• Stable to fixation
• Compatible with standard staining buffers
• 5µl sizes at ready-to-use concentrations
• For surface and intracellular antigens
• Exceptional photostability
• Nontoxic - for sorting or live cell imaging

View BV 711™ antibody conjugates   View BV 785™ antibody conjugates
Add new power to the violet laser!
Human PBMCs were stained with anti-CD3 FITC and anti-CD127 (clone HCD127) conjugated to the BV421™ or Pacific Blue™. The data demonstrates the resolving power of BV421™, clearly showing separation of CD127-positive cells from dim and negative cells which can be difficult to define using Pacific Blue™
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