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EvaGreen™ has several advantages over SYBR® Green
EvaGreen™ is a registered trademark of BIOTIUM, INC.
EvaGreen™ dye is a new generation green fluorescent nucleic acid dye useful for many applications including qPCR, HRM analysis, tHDA, ...  View Datasheet

EvaGreen™ is spectrally similar to SYBR Green I and is compatible with all major brand qPCR instruments. No change in optical settings necessary!
EvaGreen™     SYBR® Green
Nonmutagenic and noncytotoxic (impermeable to cell membranes): safe handling and easy disposal (drain)     Powerful mutation-enhancer (enters cell rapidly) Ohta, et al. 2001
Very little PCR inhibition due to a smart "release-ondemand" DNA-binding technology:     Inhibitory toward PCR!
Highly sensitive: the very low PCR inhibition allows higher dye concentration for much greater fluorescent signal     Less sensitivity: optimal dye concentration must be low, resulting in less sensitivity
Unrivaled DNA melt curve performance (allows HRM analysis): Low PCR inhibition permitting use of saturation dye concentration for maximal signal and HRM analysis     Less suitable for HRM analysis
Compatible with Fast PCR protocol: Minimal interference to PCR makes it possible to significantly shorten the chain extension time.     Less suitable due to PCR inhibition
Compatible with multiplex PCR: Lack of dye migration from amplicon to amplicon enabling detection of multiple PCR products by melt curves.     Less suitable due to PCR inhibition
Less likely to cause nonspecific amplification     More likely to cause nonspecific amplification

Extremely stable: unsurpassed thermal stability, hydrolytical stability and photostability

Details about EvaGreen™ dye

    Degradation increases PCR inhibition: known to be unstable and to degrade by freeze-thaw cycles and under PCR condition, while additionally increasing PCR inhibition!
EvaGreen® qPCR Mixes
Optimized ready-to-use solutions for real-time quantitative PCR assays. Simply add water, template & primers!

Product Catalog# Qty (rxn=25ul)
Competitors (250rxn/25ul)
5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen™ qPCR Mix Plus (NO ROX) 08-25-0000S 0.2 ml (50rxn)

Sigma: 331.00 CHF

ABI: 375.00 CHF

Roche: 265.00 CHF

Save up to 70% !

08-25-00001 1ml (250rxn)
08-25-00020 20ml (5000rxn)
5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen™ qPCR Mix Plus (ROX) 08-24-0000S 0.2 ml (50rxn)
08-24-00001 1ml (250rxn)
08-24-00020 20ml (5000rxn)
5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen™ qPCR Mix (Capillary) 08-26-0000S 0.2 ml (50rxn)
08-26-00001 1ml (250rxn)
08-26-00020 20ml (5000rxn)
High Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis    
massively cost effective, fast, powerful and simple  
  HRM applications:
  • Mutation discovery
  • Heterozygosity screening
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • SNP genotyping
  • Haplotype blocks analysis
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • DNA mapping
  • Species identification
  • Somatic acquired mutation ratios
  • HLA compatibility typing
  • Allelic prevalences
  • Identification of candidate predisposition genes

HRM analysis is a novel powerful technique for the detection of mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double stranded DNA samples. It exceeds the power of classical melting curve analysis by allowing to study the thermal denaturation of a double-stranded DNA in much more detail. Samples can be discriminated according to their sequence, length, GC content or strand complementarity. Even single base changes such as SNPs can be identified.

HRM is a close-tube post-qPCR method using saturating fluorescent dyes. HRM dyes (e.g. EvaGreen™) bind specifically and in high amount to double-stranded DNA and fluoresce brightly when bound. At the beginning of the HRM analysis, after complete qPCR amplification, there is a high level of fluorescence in the sample due to the millions of copies of the amplicon bound to EvaGreen™ dye. As the sample DNA is heated up and the two strands of the DNA denaturate, fluorescence is continuously reduced.
Optimized ready-to-use solution for HRM Analysis, incorporating EvaGreen® dye: FREE SAMPLE!
Product Catalog# Quantity
Competitors (250rxn/25ul)
5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen™ HRM Mix (NO ROX) 08-31-0000S 0.2 ml (50rxn)

ABI: 405.00 CHF

Qiagen: 385.00 CHF

Save up to 73% !

08-31-00001 1 ml (250rxn)
08-31-00020 20 ml (5000rxn)
5x HOT FIREPol EvaGreen™ HRM Mix (ROX) 08-33-0000S 0.2 ml (50rxn)
08-33-00001 1 ml (250rxn)
08-33-00020 20 ml (5000rxn)
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