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Neuronal Marker Antibodies
Area Cat. No. Product Host & Clonality
Dendrite GTX111679 MAP2 antibody Rb pAb
GTX79912 MAP2 antibody [MT-07] Ms mAb
Axon GTX102451 β-Tubulin 3 antibody Rb pAb
GTX27751 β-Tubulin 3 antibody [TU-20] Ms mAb
Pre-synaptic markers GTX100865 Synaptophysin antibody Rb pAb
GTX18008 Synaptophysin antibody [4E206] Ms mAb
GTX102127 Synaptobrevin / VAMP1 antibody Rb pAb
GTX44735 Synaptobrevin antibody [SP10] Ms mAb
GTX113839 SNAP25 antibody Rb pAb
GTX11102 SNAP25 antibody [SP12] Ms mAb
Post-synaptic markers GTX61948 PSD95 antibody [EP2652Y] Rb mAb
GTX80682 PSD95 antibody [7E3-1B8] Ms mAb
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