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Light Diagnostics™ products for infectious disease
Merck Millipore’s Light Diagnostics technology development focuses on ease of use and cost-effective sample analysis through both select antibody blends that allow multiple disease variant detection in a single reaction and the enormously popular SimulFluor® platform for multiplex fluorescence detection.
Human Respiratory Virus screening & typing
Clinical symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus, flu virus and other respiratory viruses are often impossible to tell apart. Merck Millipore offers sensitive, reliable and fast screening assays for various types of common and novel respiratory viruses:
SimulFluor Kits: Dual Fluorochrome Multiplex Assays
SimulFluor kits are the next generation technology in direct immunofluorescence assays. This simple multiplex assay uses a standard FITC filter set and dual green and gold fluorochromes (Figure 1 and 2). The power of the multiplexed approach coupled with simple algorithm testing allows clinical laboratories to maintain or even lower costs while continuing to provide rapid and accurate testing for quality patient care.
A Complete Line of Human Metapneumovirus Products
The clinical symptoms of human metapneumorvirus (hMPV) are often indistinguishable from those caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the single most likely cause of severe respiratory illness, thereby making hMPV detection an important component of standard respiratory virus testing. Merck Millipore’s Light DiagnosticsTM products now include a complete range of reagents and positive control slides for Human metapneumovirus.

Human Herpesviruses Kits (CMV, HSV and VZV)
The human herpesviruses are members of the herpesviridae – a large family of viruses that establish latent infections for the life of their host. Members of the herpesvirus Family are highly adapted to their natural hosts but often cause severe disease when they infect other host species.
Featured Light Diagnostic Products for fast and efficient Herpesvirus detection

Human Enterovirus: Comprehensive Panning & Typing
Enteroviruses are small RNA viruses that cause a wide variety of diseases, including poliomyelitis, meningitis, hand-foot-and-mouth disease and conjunctivitis. Because of the diverse clinical manifestations, it is important to have rapid, accurate diagnostic tools at hand to enable prompt treatment.
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