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Cancer Research: Metastasis and Invasion
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a process whereby tightly-interacting and immotile epithelial cells acquire the phenotype of loosely-adherent and motile mesenchymal cells. EMT not only facilitates morphogenesis during embryonic development but also promotes invasion and metastasis in tumors. Pathological EMT is associated with E-cadherin repression, which has been shown to contribute to tumor progression. Several oncogenic pathways (TGF-[3, Wnt/[3-catenin, Integrins, Notch, etc) have been reported to induce EMT via cytoskeleton reorganization and activation of E-Cadherin repressors, including Snail, Slug, SIP1, and TCF3. GeneTex a wide range of antibodies for the study of EMT.

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Collagen I a2 antibody (GTX102996): ICC/IF analysis on PFA-fixed A431 cells (co-stained with Hoechst33342).   Collagen III al antibody (GTX111643): IHC analysis on paraffin-embedded NCIN87 xenograft.   Fibronectin antibody (GTX112794): ICC/IF analysis on PFA-fixed HeLa cells.   Vimentin antibody (GTX100619): IHC analysis on paraffin-embedded colon tissue.
Colon Cancer Biology
Top related Products
Name Cat. #
Anti-GSK3β G09-60M
c-JUN Protein J05-55G
Catenin β Protein C06-30G
CK1α1, Active C64-10G
CK1ε, Active C66-10G
GSK3β, Active G09-10G
GSK3β, Unactive G09-14G
p53 Protein P05-30G

Colon Cancer is the second commonest cause of cancer mortality in the western world. Notably, colorectal cancer (CRC) is one where screening has had, and will continue to have, an extraordinarily large role to play; timely colonoscopy in patients shown to have occult (unseen) bleeding, with removal of polyps has been shown to significantly reduce mortality. However, almost 50% of patients with CRC present at an advanced stage, prompting the need for better understanding its biology.
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