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Bio Basic Inc. has become a world leader in supplying biochemical’s, they offer HIGHEST QUALITY and LOWEST PRICES! Bio Basic Inc's products include antibiotics, nucleotides, proteins, peptides, polyamino acids, buffers, lipids, and carbohydrates all applicable for fundamental research. Browse...

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Catalog# Product Name Quantity Price CHF
DD0056 dNTP Mixture ; Ultra Pure Grade 10mM 0.5ml 18.00
DD0057 25mM 0.5ml 41.00
DD0058-4x0.1ML dNTP Set (each 100mM); Ultra Pure Grade each 0.1ml 51.00
DD0058-4x0.5ML each 0.5ml 216.00
DB2236 dNTP/dUTP Mix; Ultra Pure Grade 1ml 12.00
D0012-50G Agarose A; Biotech Grade 50g 42.00
0012-250G 250g 192.00
PB0451-50mg Proteinase K (Tritirachium album); Biotech Grade 50mg 50.00
PB0451-250mg 250mg 203.00
DB0058-5G DTT [DL-Dithiothreitol, CAS# 578517]; Ultra Pure Grade 5g 48.00
DB0058-25G 25g 192.00
IB0168-5G IPTG (Isopropyl-D-thiogalatopyranoside); Ultra Pure Grade 5g 68.00
IB0168-25G 25g 294.00
IB0168-100G 100g 972.00
TB0196-500G Tris Base [CAS# 77-86-1]; Ultra Pure Grade 500g 30.00
TB0196-2.5KG 2.5kg 136.00
A0009 Acryl/Bis solution 30% (w/v) 19:1 500ml 36.00
A0010-BB 29:1 500ml
A0011 37.5:1 500ml
A0006 Acryl/Bis solution 40% (w/v) 19:1 500ml 39.00
A0007 29:1 500ml
A0008 37.5:1 500ml
RB0473-25MG RNase A [CAS# 9001-99-4] 25mg 18.00
B0473-100MG 100mg 54.00
RB0473-500MG 500mg 184.00
B0474 RNase A Solution (10mg/ml) 1ml 8.00
DB0339 RNase & DNAase Away™ 200ml 32.00
DD0099-1G DNase I (not RNase free) [CAS# 9003-98-9] 1g 240.00
DD0099-250MG 250mg 66.00
DD0099-5G 5g 960.00
DD0649-50KU DNASE I, RNASE free 50KU 285.00
DD0649-100KU 100KU 483.00
A0024 TBE buffer (Tris-Borate-EDTA) 10x Premix powder 4L of 10x TBE 41.00
A0026 10x solution 4L 47.00
TB8898 TAE buffer 25x Premix powder 1L of 25x TAE 48.00
A0023 25x solution 1L 36.00
A0033 50x solution 1L 156.00
A0029 TG buffer (Tris-Glycine) 10x Premix powder 4L of 10x TG 24.00
A0028 10x solution 4L 48.00
A0031 TG-SDS buffer (TrisBase-Glycine-SDS) 10x Premix powder 4L of 10x TG-SDS 34.00
A0030 10x solution 4L 48.00
A0025 TBS buffer (Tris-Buffered Saline) 10x Premix powder 2L of 10x TBS 41.00
A0027 10x solution 4L 47.00
PD0100 PBS (Phosphate buffered saline) 10x Premix powder 1L of 10x PBS 17.00
PD0435 100ml tablets 50T x 100ml of 1x PBS 21.00
PD8117 10x solution 4L 59.00
  • High quality chemiluminescence results
  • High quality diagnostic radiographs
  • Consistent image quality
  • High sensitivity, resolution and sharpness
  • Easy film handling
FUJIFILM Super RX is blue sensitive universal film with a wide tonal range for all types of applications. Fuji Super RX is a half speed, high contrast film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for chemiluminescence procedures as well as for general medical radiography. It provides exceptionally sharp, high contrast images. FUJIFILM Super RX's reliable image quality will greatly improve diagnostic capabilities and chemiluminescence results. Its spectral sensitivity peaks at 380nm. Datasheet

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