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MagSi products are a perfect solution for replacing Dynabeads®
– without major changes in protocols or handling
The MagSi particles are high quality magnetic beads with unique surface and physical properties. Smart magnetic bead protocols simplify and speed up your workflow. MagSi products have a proven track record for manual use and many robotic platforms (Beckmann® , Tecan®, IDS®, Xyril®, Stratek®, Hamilton®, Roche® and others).
Advantages of MagSi Products:
  • Use of a newly developed ferro fluid (< 40emu/g) raises the magnetic content to 50%
  • Small beads exhibit the magnetic performance and strength of a larger version
  • Fast and complete collection of the MagSi-beads
  • Fast protocol (although standard protocols need no adjustment)
  • High yield of your target biomolecule especially in assays with complex binding kinetics
  • Low carry over of contaminants
  • Best reproducibility
Dynabead® replacement guide for MagSi Beads
Invitrogen™ / Dynal™
Dynabeads Products (* discontinued)
MagnaMedics at Lucerna-Chem
Replacement Products
Cat.No. Product Cat.No. Product CHF
105-11D  Dynabeads® WCX * MD01023 MagSi-WCX pricing
105-15D  Dynabeads® SCX * MD01023 MagSi-WCX pricing
105-15D  Dynabeads® SAX * MD01025 MagSi-WAX pricing
102-11D  Dynabeads® RPC 18 * MD01009 MagSi-proteomics C18 ** pricing
MD01015 MagSi-proteomics C8 ** pricing
102-16D  Dynabeads® RPC protein * MD01014 MagSi-proteomics C4 ** pricing
MD01015 MagSi-proteomics C8 ** pricing
370-02D  Dynabeads® MyOneTM silane MD01003 MagSi-S 1.0 *** pricing
650-11  Dynabeads® MyOneTM carboxylic acid MD01004 MagSi-S-COOH 1.0 *** pricing
143-05D  Dynabeads® M270 carboxylic acid MD01004 MagSi-S-COOH 1.0 *** pricing
143-07D  Dynabeads® M-270 Amine MD01005 MagSi-S-NH2 1.0 *** pricing
100-01D  Dynabeads® Protein A for IP MD01011 MagSi-protein A *** pricing
100-03D  Dynabeads® Protein G for IP MD01012 MagSi-protein G *** pricing
656-01  Dynabeads® MyOneTM Streptavidin C1 MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 *** pricing
650-01  Dynabeads® MyOneTM Streptavidin T1 MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 *** pricing
653-05  Dynabeads® M-270 Streptavidin MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 *** pricing
112-05D  Dynabeads® M-280 Streptavidin MD01001 MagSi-STA 1.0 *** pricing
* Discontinued by Invitrogen
** For optimization to your application, please consult the MagSi protein & peptide guide and the MagSi proteomics guide
*** MagSi-xxx 1.0 beads can replace 2,8μm and 1μm beads of Invitrogen in most of the existing applications
MagSi beads are also available as 600nm particles for increased binding capacity and sensitivity.
All MagSi products are available in higer standard volumes as well as customized variants.

MagSi-S-Tools are particles for research & developmental use. MagnaMedics has more than 10 different coatings available for further bio-conjugations. Most common surface modifications for kit and application developmentare available. Product Sheet

MagSi-protein A and/or G beads can be used to detect or isolate target proteins by coupling the Fc domain of the IgG antibody for a target protein. The advantage is that the antibody does not need to be biotinylated. Product Sheet

The silica beads coated with Streptavidin can be used e.g. to isolate biotinylated proteins or other biotinylated molecules out of different media. It's easy to bind a biotinylated antibody to the MagSi-STA bead to isolate a specific target protein out of a cell lysate. Product Sheet

For rapid isolation of DNA or essential purification steps e.g. in the determination of polymorphisms or gene expression in metabolic or genetic hereditary diseases. The application of beads for isolating of DNA from cells needs to wash out bound DNA. Product Sheet


MagSi-proteomics beads are magnetic beads that are an ideal tool for the purification, concentration and desalting of peptides and protein digests. The surface of the beads has been modified with C4, C8 and C18 -alkyl groups that are typical for reversed phase applications.

MagSi-WCX (weak cation exchange) magnetic beads have the typical ion exchange properties well known from classical chromatography. Due to the different binding/elution mechanisms the MagSi-WCX beads are a powerful alternative to the MagSi proteomics beads.

MagSi-WAX (weak anion exchange) magnetic beads are the “counter” beads to the MagSi WCX beads. They are ideal when more acidic proteins/peptides are expected in the sample.
Application Guides
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