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CoolCell® alcohol-free cell freezing container delivers a controlled highly reproducible -1°C/minute cell freezing rate in a -80°C freezer. No alcohol is required to control the freeze rate as the patent-pending design and materials of CoolCell® ensure precise and uniform heat removal from cryo vials. Unlike isopropyl alcohol cell freezing containers, the insulated design of CoolCell® ensures constant and consistent cooling to all cryo vials throughout the freezing period. Read more...

  • No alcohol - no maintenance, no on-going expense, no waste and no variability in freeze runs

  • -1°C/minute freeze rate guarantees highest reproducibility - identical freezing profiles every time

  • Highest post-thaw viability & function - cell lines, stem cells, PBMC, primary cells, yeast

  • CoolCell® is unbreakable, opens easily and is not cold to touch when frozen - no "frosty" fingers!

  • Ready to use “off the shelf” and ready to use again after five minutes between freeze runs
Cat.No. Product CHF
BCS-136 CoolCell 2ml, purple pricing
BCS-136G CoolCell 2ml, green pricing
BCS-136O CoolCell 2ml, orange pricing
BCS-171 CoolCell 5ml, purple pricing
BCS-172 CoolCell SV2, purple pricing
BCS-170 CoolCell FTS30, purple pricing
BCS-170G CoolCell FTS30, green pricing
BCS-170O CoolCell FTS30, orange pricing
BCS-210 Replacement FTS30 Vial Module, 10 pack pricing

CoolBox 30 System
Ice-free cooling, (snap)freezing of microfuge tubes, cryo vials, or FACS tubes.

CoolBox Microplate System
Ice-free cooling and (snap)freezing container for SBS-format plates/tubes.

  CoolRack® Tube Holders
CoolRack, CoolSink & CoolTray Modules. Modules rapidly adapt to any temperature from -200°C to +500°C.
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