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Explore neural developement, differentiated neurons and neural degeneration with Merck Millipore's wide panel of Products! A number of new products for target identification, pathway detection, and profiling are now available!

MilliTrace™ GFP Reporter Human Neural Stem Cell Kits
SCR095, SCR092, SCR096

These reporter cell lines provide ready-to-use neural stem cells labeled with the humanized mulleri green fluorescent protein (hmGFP), either constitutively expressed or under the regulation of nanog or nestin promoters. Included expansion medium helps maintain expression of the transgene.

MilliTrace™ CX Nestin GFP Reporter NSCs (SCC096) express GFP (A) along with NSC markers, nestin (B) and Sox-2 (C) in proliferating, undifferentiated cultures. After differentiation, GFP is down-regulated (D) and βIItubulin (E) and GFAP (F) are expressed. Antibodies: Nestin, Sox-2, βII-tubulin, and GFAP.

InhibitorSelect™ Protein Kinase Inhibitor Libraries

Two panels of kinase inhibitors, InhibitorSelect ™ 96-Well Protein Kinase Inhibitor Library I and InhibitorSelect™ 96-Well Protein Kinase Inhibitor Library II, were screened to identify chemicals that optimize and increase the propagation of Neuroepithelial Stem (NES) cell cultures. These libraries make up a potent, specific, pharmacologically active, well-characterized, and structurally diverse set of 160 compounds.

View table of inhibitor targets included in each panel here


Human Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Kit
Catalogue No SCR600

Easily generate enriched (>30%) populations of mature human oligodendrocytes in just 2-3 weeks with well-characterized oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) and cell culture media for expansion and spontaneous differentiation. Included OPCs are guaranteed >70% GalC positive and Sox10 positive; mature oligodendrocytes are positive for MBP, PLP and MOG.

In vitro myelination assay. Reconstructed 3D images of rat primary neurons only (A) and rat primary neurons cocultured with human OPCs at 5:1 ratio for three weeks (B).


FlowCellect™ Rodent NSC Characterization Kit

The FlowCellect™ rodent neural stem cell characterization kit is an easier and quicker way to track neuronal differentiation. The kit allows the researcher to calculate the percentage of undifferentiated stem cells in culture by determining the percentage of cells that express both Sox- 2 and nestin as well as tracking bIII-tubulin up-regulation upon neuronal differentiation.


InhibitorSelect™ Wnt Signaling Pathway Inhibitor Panel

The Wnt signaling pathway is an evolutionarily-conserved pathway involved in fate specification, development, cell proliferation, cell migration, and polarity, and migration of cells. Wnt genes encode a large family of secreted, cysteine-rich proteins that are also important in development and in maintenance of adult tissues. Abnormalities in Wnt signaling are reported to promote both human degenerative diseases and cancer.  This panel contains 15 highly potent, selective, and cell permeable inhibitors and a negative control for the investigation of the Wnt signaling pathway.

Magna ChIP™ G Tissue Kit

Tissue-specific ChIP is a powerful method of elucidating mechanisms by which cell microenvironment can affect gene regulation. Conventional ChIP protocols work best using homogeneous populations of cultured cells. In contrast,this kit is specifically designed for tissue samples, which are more complex, heterogeneous mixtures of cells, and less amenable to ChIP. The Magna ChIP™ G Tissue Kit provides the tools necessary to obtain repeatable, reliable, and site specific tissue biopsies. Microdissected, functionally-related populations of cells within a heterogeneous tissue can thus be analyzed with ease, precision and certainty.


AXIS™ Axon Investigation System

The AXIS™ platform is Merck Millipore’s most advanced tool for the study of neurite outgrowth. This slide-mounted microfluidic two-chamber system enables the deposition and culture of neural cells and the spatially controlled addition of growth factors, toxins, and other reagents. Neurite outgrowth is restricted to narrow, parallel channels, and the resultant outgrowth or collapse behavior is easily observed under a microscope. The result is a powerful platform for the study of somas, neurite outgrowth, and synapse formation. More...

NEW Millicell® µ-Migration Assay Kit

A powerful, slide-based platform that measures the effects of chemoattractants on the migration of adherent single cells through real-time imaging. A concentration gradient can be established for more than 48 hours; chemotaxis can be distinguished from random movement. The glass-like properties of the slide promote enhanced optical imaging for both slow- and fastmigrating cells thus allowing for multiparametric analysis for greater mechanistic insight. Parameters such as cell velocity, directionality and index can be quantified. Data is easily analyzed using free ImageJ plug-in software.

MILLIPLEX® map Human Neurodegenerative Disease Panels HNDG1-36K, HNDG2-36K, HNDG3-36K, HNDG4-36K

Neurodegeneration is caused not only by targeted diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease, but it can also be caused by inflammation or autoimmune disorders. Explore all the possibilities with Merck Millipore’s neurodegenerative disease panels. These panels are designed to measure the levels of analytes in serum, plasma, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), cell/tissue extract, or culture samples.

Oxidative stress detection (OxyBlot™, ELISA, ICC, & FC)

Oxidative modification of proteins by oxygen free radicals and other reactive species such as hydroxynonenal occurs in physiologic and pathologic processes. As a consequence of the modification, carbonyl groups are introduced into protein side chains by a site-specific mechanism. Merck Millipore’s oxidative stress detection kits enable simple and sensitive immunodetection of these carbonyl groups.

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