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DNA transfection made easy

METAFECTENE® EASY+ combines a simple and fast protocol with significantly lower cell toxicity and improved transfection efficiency compared to the original METAFECTENE® EASY. It shows no serum inhibition and is the reagent of choice for sensitive cells. Read more or Download Manual

  • Fast: Seed & transfect in a single day and perform 2 consecutive assays within a single working-week!
  • Easy: Optimization involves only two fixed DNA:lipid ratios
  • Efficient: Advanced development improves transfection efficiency while further reducing toxicity
  • Cost-effective: As a further advanced feature, EASY+ reduces the lipoplex volume needed (DNA+lipid) by a minimum of 50% at the same reagent cost
  • Compatible: All optimized protocols with METAFECTENE EASY are transferable to EASY+


For siRNA and miRNA transfection
METAFECTENE® SI is a lipid compound designed and optimized especially for siRNA and miRNA transfection (siCOM Technology)
Read more or Download Manual

  • Efficient knockdown and low siRNA volume
  • Rapid: 2 interdependent assays within 1 week
  • Extremely suitable for screening


Pre-packed Ni-& GST-Agarose-Cartridge
Compatible to MPLC, FPLCTM, ÄKTATM
Ni-Cartridges /Pricing
GST-Cartridges /Pricing
Ni-& Co-IDA-Agarose

Much better handling properties, autoclavable
Ni-IDA-Agarose /Pricing
Co-IDA-Agarose /Pricing
Ni-NTA Agarose

For highest purity of your His-tag protein
Read more / Pricing
StarGate® - Combinatorial Cloning in one Tube
Fast and flexible cloning system for recombinant protein expression – evaluate the best expression features for your gene!
StarGate offers rapid and highly efficient subcloning of an arbitrary gene – initially cloned into a Donor Vector - to simultaneously fuse it with many different genetic surroundings via transfer into Acceptor Vectors to generate Destination Vectors. The latter enable the efficient expression of your protein with various features (e.g. different tags and different promoters) in different hosts. More...
  • Easy & fast: one-tube subcloning procedure (1 hr)
  • Short combinatorial sites (4 bases only): minimal modification of the gene of interest
  • Multitude of combinatorial sites
  • Highest level cloning efficiency due to a directed reaction (no equilibrium)
  • Systematic screening of different elements (e.g. tags/promoters) in a variety of hosts (view Acceptor Vector portfolio)
  • Polycistronic gene expression
  • Fusion proteins with StarGate® fusion cloning
  • Versatile Mutagenesis: mutagenesis system with StarPrimerD’Signer software
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