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Bacterial Culture Media
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LB Broth Miller 500g 63.00 CHF 181.00 CHF
LB Broth
Lennox 500g
71.00 CHF 164.00 CHF
99.00 CHF 214.75 CHF
63.00 CHF 293.00 CHF
Protein Expression Media
Unique & Reliable Protein Expression Media Formulations
  • Turbo Broth™ (rich nutrient base with amino acids, vitamins, inorganic & trace minerals)
  • Superior Broth™ (nitrogen source, vitamins, moderate glucose levels)
  • Power Broth™ (rich mixture of amino acids, vitamins and a carbon source)
  • Hyper Broth™ (rich formulation; amino acids, vitamins, high glucose levels)
  • M9Y (minimal medium formulation supplemented with yeast extract)
  • LB Broth Miller/Lennox (nutrient-rich, providing peptides, peptones, vitamins & trace elements)
  • Not sure which media to choose for protein expression? The Media Optimization™ Kit contains the 6 most reliable media formulations for increased protein production in E. coli.
Select the Right Yeast Growth Media
Drop-out Media (Defined)
Undefined Media
  • YPD medium (peptone, dextrose + yeast extract). YPDA is YPD + adenine hemisulfate for faster growth and higher saturation densities. Not suitable for studying auxotrophs but useful for growing most S. cerevisiae strains. Pricing
  • YEP is YPD without dextrose, so the carbon source can be chosen by the user. Pricing
  • YE medium (yeast extract + dextrose) inhibits sporulation and conjugation in S. pombe. Pricing
  • YES (YE + amino acid + nucleoside supplements) is a complete S. pombe growth medium. Pricing
Edinburgh Minimal Medium
  • Edinburgh Minimal Medium contains glucose, salts, vitamins and minerals. Pricing
Is your waterbath clean?
• For waterbaths and thermostats
• For heatable cuvette-holders
• For all temperable watercooling systems
PROTHERMAL prevents:
• Growth of algae
• Growth of mold
• Growth of bacteria
• Development of odour
• Deposit of calcium and heavy metals

How to use PROTHERMAL:
0-50°C: 2-3 ml PROTHERMAL/1 liter ddH2O
>50°C: 1-2 ml PROTHERMAL/1 liter ddH2O

Safety Data Sheet

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