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Stem Cell Signaling Pathways
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TGF-β Pathway
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Stem Cell Surface Markers
ABCG2 (CDW338), CD9, CD10, CD24, CD34, CD44, CD45, CD146, c-Kit (CD117), CXCR4 (CD184), Endoglin (CD105), Flk-1 (VEGF-R2), Integrin α6 (CD49f), Integrin β1 (CD29), Notch 1, Sca 1, SSEA-1 (CD15), SSEA-3, SSEA-4, Thy1 (CD90), TRA-1-60, TRA-1-81, VCAM-1 (CD106)
Xeno-Free Culture System for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC)  
Biological Industries offers a novel, serum-free, xeno-free system to support hMSC expansion under xeno-free culture conditions, suitable for medical applications.
NutriStem™ MSC XF Medium
A xeno-free culture medium for hMSC promoting growth & expansion of hMSCs derived from a variety of sources. More...
  • supports long-term growth of hMSCs
  • maintains normal fibroblast-like cell morphology
  • demonstrates self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation potential


hMSC cultured in NutriStemTM MSC XF medium maintain their multi-lineage differentiation potential and showed no differentiation background.

Differentiation of hMSC-BM cultured in NutriStem™ MSC XF medium (a) Adipogenic, Oil Red O staining (b) Osteogenic, Alizarin Red staining (c) Chondrogenic, Alcian Blue staining (d-f) Negative controls (treated and stained accordingly).


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MSC Freezing Solution   Xeno-Free MSC Attachment Solution
Chemically defined, animal component- & protein-free formulation for optimal hMSC cryopreservation More...   A xeno-free solution for attachment and spreading of hMSC in serum-free conditions More...
  • A complete, ready-to-use solution
  • Protein-free
  • No animal- or human-derived components
  • For cells in serum-free or serum-containing media
  • High cell viability after thawing
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Xeno-free
  • No other animal components but human
  • Designed for use in serum-free culture systems
  • Suitable for various sources of hMSC
  hMSC-AT were cryopreserved in MSC Freezing Solution, 3 days after thawing in NutriStem™ MSC XF medium.  
  hMSC-BM 3 days from seeding cultured in
NutriStem™ MSC XF medium, on plates
pre-coated with MSC Attachment Solution.
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  Pricing & Ordering  
MSC Dissociation Solution (Plant Enzyme)   MSC Dissociation Solution (Non-Enzymatic)
for efficient hMSC detachment from culture vessels More...   for gentle & efficient hMSC dissociation More...
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • No animal or human derived components
  • Contains plant-derived enzyme
  • Works with serum-free & serum-containing media
  • Allows high cell viability after dissociation
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Chemically defined
  • Contains a proprietary mixture of chelators
  • Works with serum-free & serum-containing media
  • Reduces the risk of cell damage associated with
    enzyme based solutions
  Pricing & Ordering  
  Pricing & Ordering  
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