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Lightning-Link™ Rapid
Innova Biosciences Launches Next Generation Antibody Labeling Kit, called Lightning-Link™ Rapid. The new technology comes with all the benefits of the original Lightning-Link™ procedure, such as 30 seconds hands-on time, no separation steps, and 100% antibody recovery, but now allows faster production of the labeled antibody reagent – just 20 minutes. More...
  • Easy to use, only 30 seconds hands on time
  • Labeled antibody in less than 20 minutes
  • No separation steps, no losses, scalable
  • Applicable to WB, ELISA, IHC, IF and FACS analysis
  • From 10ug up to 5mg
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Fluorescein
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Cy3
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Cy5
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Atto488
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Atto565
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Atto594
  Lightning-Link™ Rapid Atto633
More dyes being added all the time - check here
A quality source for
mono- & polyclonal Antibodies
    New Antibodies
    APE1 Antibody
Argonaute 4 Antibody
APXL Antibody
Aquaporin10 Antibody
ARFIP2 Antibody
NPAS2 Antibody
Asparagine synthetase (ASNS)
NGFR P75 Antibody
AAMP Antibody
Ataxin 7 Antibody
ATF1 Antibody
ATF2 Antibody
EREG Antibody
Cyclin A1 Antibody
CCNA1 Antibody
PPP6C Antibody
ATF4 Antibody
ATF6A Antibody
BTG2 Antibody
Aurora B Antibody
ANGPTL3 Antibody
ANGPTL6 Antibody
Anillin Antibody
Ankyrin-1 Antibody
nucleolar protein 3 Antibody
Annexin A1 Antibody
Annexin A1 Antibody
Annexin A11 Antibody
Annexin A2 Antibody
Annexin V Antibody
AP3 Antibody
NFKB3 Antibody
TRAIL Antibody
PDCD4 Antibody


Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human breast carcinoma tissue using EnoGene's c-Jun (Ab-91) antibody (E021021).


Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human breast carcinoma tissue using EnoGene's NF-κB p65 (phospho-Thr254) antibody (E011010).
GST Western blot analysis of 293 cells transfected with GST-tagged vector and untransfected control using EnoGene's GST antibody (E1T509).


Western blot analysis of extracts from ovary cancer cells using MEK2 (phospho-Thr394) antibody (E011008).
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