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TAR DNA Binding Protein Collection

TAR DNA binding protein (TARDBP), also known as TDP-43, is a DNA and RNA-binding protein which regulates transcription and splicing.

TARDBP was originally identified as a transcriptional repressor that binds to chromosomally integrated TAR DNA and represses HIV-1 transcription [Ou et al., 1995]. Further studies showed that mutations in the TARDBP gene are associated with the pathology of cystic fibrosis and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS and frontotemporal lobar dementia [Cassel et al., 2010]. Abnova has developed multiple products spanning different product lines regarding this popular research target.

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Type Cat.nr. Product CHF
MaxPab® Antibody H00023435-D01P TARDBP purified rabbit MaxPab (D01P) price
Monoclonal Antibody H00023435-M01 TARDBP mAb (M01), clone 2E2-D3 price
H00023435-M02 TARDBP mAb (M02), clone 1B4-B1 price
MAB2040 TARDBP mAb, clone k1B8 price
Polyclonal Antibody H00023435-A01 TARDBP pAb (A01) price
PAB11464 TARDBP pAb price
PAB12006 TARDBP pAb price
PAB13283 TARDBP pAb price
PAB13284 TARDBP pAb price
PAB17206 TARDBP pAb price
Antibody Pairs H00023435-PW1 TARDBP (Human) IP-WB Antibody Pair price
Protein H00023435-P01 TARDBP recomb. Protein (P01) price
siRNA⁄ Chimera H00023435-R01 TARDBP Pre-design Chimera RNAi price
H00023435-R01V TARDBP Validated Chimera RNAi price
Img. Application Data for Monoclonal Antibody H00023435-M01
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Resources for epigenetics including DNA methylation and histone modifications.

The kit to measure cancer antigen 125 concentration in human serum.
MMP Collection
Antibodies, antibody pairs, proteins and siRNA for matrix metalloproteinases.
RNA Markers
8 RNA markers to measure sizes of dsRNA and ssRNA.
Loading Control Ab
10+ antibodies to ensure the reliability of data.
Secondary Antibodies
850+ unlabeled or conjugated secondary antibodies.

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