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Brilliant Performance, Brilliant Choice
Brilliant Violet 570™ is the newest in the series of Brilliant Violet™ fluorophores, which are novel highly fluorescent polymers developed from Nobel Prize-winning chemistry (A. Heeger, A.G. MacDiarmid, H. Shirakawa, 2000). Excitable by the violet laser at 405 nm wavelength, Brillinat Violet 570™ brings excellent brightness and signal-to-noise for antigen detection.

  • Excellent signal-to-noise
  • Stable to paraformaldehyde fixation
  • Effective for surface and intracellular antigens
  • No special disposal requirements
  • Ready-to-use, simple integration into existing multicolor panels
  • No special buffers required
  • Large selection of antibody specificities
  • Discrete excitation/emission spectra

With an excellent selection of directly labeled antibodies, BV570™ brings meaningful versatility to your multi-color flow cytometry panels. Effective for both surface and intracellular antigens, BV570™ antibodies require no special handling or buffers. It can be detected with the 585/42 bandpass filter commonly used for Pacific Orange™, and can be used on any violet laser equipped instrument with the appropriate filters. Discrete excitation/emission properties and lack of spillover make BV570™ compensation in multicolor panels quite manageable.

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Flow Cytometry Calibration Particles
For routine calibration of flow cytometers: To determine the sensitivity (any dye or light contamination) and linearity (proper functioning of logarithmic amps and PMTs) of the system.

SPHERO™ Rainbow
Calibration Particles

To calibarte FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5 and APC channels. 4-8 peaks. Particles can be reused! Datasheet

SPHERO™ Ultra Rainbow
Calibration Particles

To calibrate all channels from Far Red to UV. Optimize linearity, sensitivity & resolution. 6 peaks. Datasheet
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Rainbow Calibration Particles, 8 peaks, 3-3.4µm, 5ml
Lucerna-Chem BD
240.00 CHF
449.00 CHF
Flow Cytometry Alignment Particles
Spherotech offers a wide variety of particles for determining if a flow cytomerter is properly aligned and has a clean flow cell with no fluidic blockage.

SPHERO™ Ultra Rainbow Fluorescent Particles
Single peak particels for optical alignment of any flow cytometer in all channels from UV to Far Red. Datasheet

SPHERO™ Rainbow Fluorescent Particles
Single peak particles for the alignment of FITC, PE, PE-TR, and PE-Cy5 channels. Datasheet

SPHERO™ Fluorescent Alignment Particles
Highly concentrated single peak particles for the alignment of FITC, PE, PE-TR, and PE-Cy5 channels. Datasheet

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