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The increasing number of citations of the MIQE guidelines (minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments, Bustin et al. 2009) demonstrates a growing emphasis on standardized experimental practice for qPCR.

The SYBR®-based StellARray®, qPCR Array System from Lonza offers a simple and reliable system for gene expression analysis that meets the MIQE guidelines and makes it easier for qPCR users to compare and publish their results. Read more

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Why using StellARray™ qPCR arrays?
  • Simple real-time qPCR method
  • High amplification specificity due to extensive wet-lab testing and proprietary immobilization of PCR primers
  • Accurate & convenient data analysis by conventional DDCT analysis using GPR 2.0, Lonza's free online analysis tool
  • Target the genes you want with more than 150 research area-specific qPCR arrays in 96- and 384-well format
  • Works with all common real-time thermocyclers! Compatibility table
More than 150 pathway or disease-specific qPCR arrays available

- Allergy
- Angiogenesis
- Adipositas
- Blood disease
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular disease
- CNS disorder
- Developmental biology
- Immune disorder
- Immunology

- Infectious disease
- Mental disorder
- Metabolism
- Signal transduction
- Stem Cells
- Toxicology
- Wound healing
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