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Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)

ChIP is a powerful technique for studying protein-DNA complexes. Specific antibodies enrich for regions of chromatin (sheared to a manageable size and harvested from cells) that contain the protein of interest, and various detection methods (quantitative PCR (qPCR), microarray) are employed to detect specific DNA sequences within the enriched chromatin. Millipore provides ChIP kits, magnetic beads, the use of nuclear extracts, control antibodies and primers, quantitative and multiplex PCR capabilities, and a faster (1-day) protocol.  Read more

Magna ChIP™ Protein A+G Magnetic Beads

What happens when you blend the stand alone Magna ChIP protein A beads (cat# 16-661) and the Magna ChIP Protein G beads (cat# 16-662)? Yep, right; you get a Magna ChIP protein A+G blend: Purchase now Millipore's proprietary blend of A+G beads as a stand-alone item!  View Product Description

Protein A and Protein G beads are often used in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP). However, different subclasses of antibodies bind more efficiently to protein A or G. The use of an A+G blend allows customers to use a wider range of antibodies than A or G alone.
  • Rapid, reproducible and efficient method to collect immunocomplexes for ChIP as well as RIP assays
  • Protein A+G bead blend is compatible with a broader range of antibodies than A or G alone
  • Reduces handling times and mechanical stress on target immunocomplexes
  • An ideal solution for those labs that homebrew their ChIP assays instead of using a kit

Cat.No. Product Qty CHF
16-663X Magna ChIP Protein A+G Magnetic Beads 10 rxns inquire
16-663 50 rxns inquire
ChIPAb Validated Antibodies
Proven performance in ChIP! Validated in house and quality controlled using ChIP application. Every lot is tested, giving you 100% confidence that the antibody you receive works in ChIP.  View ChIP Validated Antibodies
ChIPAb+ Antibody/Primer Sets
Antibody recognition in the context of chromatin can differ from other immunoassays. Avoid ChIP failure due to poor antibody performance by using ChIPAb+ antibodies, each lot of which is individually validated and tested for ChIP.  Each ChIPAb+ antibody set includes control primers (every lot tested by qPCR) to validate your ChIP results. The ChIPAb+ set also includes a negative control antibody to confirm specificity of the reaction.
View ChIPAb+ Antibody/Primer Sets
Magna ChIP Kits
Millipore offers a range of magnetic bead based ChIP kits that enable both single loci (View Magna ChIP Kits) as well as genome wide analysis (View Genome-wide ChIP). ChIP kits provide: Optimized, specialized protocols, improved sample prep, alternate detection methods, automation compatibility, genome-wide analysis, ChIP-validated antibodiesThe most recent addition is the Magna ChIP-Seq Kit, that simplifies the performance of chromatin IP and sequencing library construction from as little as 1ng of ChIP DNA.
Chromatin Preparation Kit
For a gentle alternative to sonication, use the EZ-Zyme chromatin preparation kit to fragment chromatin DNA. This kit renders chromatin immunoprecipitation more efficient due to mild digestion conditions, and is compatible with non-crosslinked ChIP (native ChIP), enabling analysis of histone modifications not only in cultured cells, but also in freshly dissected and frozen tissues. View EZ-Zyme™ Chromatin Preparation Kit
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