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Enterovirus ELISA Kits -
Specifically for EV71!
Summer is the high season for illnesses caused by Enterovirus 71 infections. Enterovirus 71 is one of the major causative agents for hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), and is sometimes associated with severe central nervous system diseases. Starting from the end of the 20th century, various outbreaks of HFMD epidemics have occured in Asian countries and resulted in sudden deaths among young children. Adult cases have also been reported.

Abnova has developed an EV71 matched antibody pair with high detection specificity and sensitivity (< 104 virus particles/ml). The matched antibodies were incorporated into a sandwich ELISA platform for quantification of the virus. This platform allows simple, accurate testing and monitoring of EV71 virus.
Cat.no. Product Label Price CHF
KA1599 EV71 ELISA Kit HRP-conjugated inquire
KA1291 EV71 ELISA Kit Biotin-conjugated inquire
EV71 Standard Curve
Western Blot Immunostaining
Inactivated EV71
virus lysate
Immunofluorescence for VP1 in EV71 infected cell. Green= EV71 staining; Red= nucleus.
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Human Bioactive Protein
Abnova has produced a whole product line constituting of 150+ full length or partial human recombinant proteins with superior biological activity. These proteins are produced using E. coli or CHO cell host. The biological activity of the recombinant proteins has been measured and validated by bioassays, such as cell proliferation assays, enzyme assays, or functional ELISA. Find your target bioactive protein to facilitate your functional study!

Angiogenesis (9)
Membrane (5)
Apoptosis (14) Metabolism (1)
Binding (22) Neurobiology (2)
Cell Ad/Junc/Cytoskel (6) Plasma/Serum (23)
Cell Cycle (27) Signal Transduction (8)
Cytokine (16)
Stem Cell (7)
Enzyme (14) Others (4)
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Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Sheep IgG, Light Chain Specific to detect Goat Primary Antibodies on Western blots after immunoprecipitation (IP)
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Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Goat IgG, Light Chain Specific to detect Goat Primary Antibodies on Western blots after immunoprecipitation (IP)
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  DyLight Fluorescent Dyes
DyLight Fluorescent Dyes Conjugated to Secondary Antibodies
  Bovine Anti-Goat IgG (H+L)
Bovine Anti-Goat IgG (H+L) (min X Bov, Ck, GP, Sy Hms, Hrs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rat Sr Prot)
  Anti-IgG, Light Chain Specific
Anti-IgG, Light Chain Specific to detect Primary Antibodies on Western blots after immunoprecipitation (IP)
One-Step gel staining in <15 minutes

InstantBlue is a ready-to-use, proprietary Coomassie® stain with a unique formulation that is optimal for obtaining well defined protein bands in a single step.

InstantBlue was developed to simplify standard protein gel staining procedures. It will save both time and cost! To use, simply take the gel out of cassette, place directly into InstantBlue and leave!
  • Ultra-fast staining - 15 minutes or less
  • Single step procedure - no need to wash, fix, microwave or destain. Just take the gel out of the cassette and place in a container with InstantBlue
  • High sensitivity - approx. 5-25ng protein per band
  • Super-Low background staining
  • no possibility of over staining
  • Quantitative - Same gel-to-gel performance ideal for quantifying protein by densitometry
  • Non-toxic - ideal for regular use and disposal
  • Mass Spec Compatible
Download InstantBlue Manual
Cat# Product Qty Price CHF
ISBT InstantBlue Trial 50 mL 30.00
ISB1L InstantBlue 1 L 222.00
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