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BMP4 antibody (GTX100875): WB analysis of A431 whole cell lysate.
BMP8A antibody (GTX108555): WB analysis of whole cell lysate. A) H1299; B) Raji.
BMP9 antibody (GTX108417): WB analysis of whole cell lysate. A) H1299; B) Hep G2.
Inhibin βA antibody (GTX108405): IHC analysis of paraffin-embedded OVCA xenograft.
BMPR1A antibody (GTX100823): IHC analysis of paraffin-embedded gastric CA.
TGFβR1 antibody (GTX102784): WB analysis of HeLa whole cell lysate.
Cat. No. Products Host & Clonality Reactivity Applic. Price CHF
GTX101582 Lefty-A antibody Rb pAb Hu WB pricing
GTX117811 Lefty-B antibody Rb pAb Hu WB pricing
GTX61735 Nodal antibody [EP2058Y] Rb mAb Hu, Ms FACS, WB pricing
GTX121941 Smad1/5/8 antibody Rb pAb Hu WB inquire
GTX111131 Smad2 antibody Rb pAb Hu ICC/IF, WB pricing
GTX108638 Smad3 antibody Rb pAb Hu, Ms WB pricing
GTX112980 Smad4 antibody Rb pAb Hu ICC/IF, WB pricing
GTX110487 Smurf2 antibody Rb pAb Hu ICC/IF, WB pricing

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NutriStem™ hESC XF media enable the maintenance and expansion of undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) while maintaining the pluripotential nature.
NutriStem™ hESC XF   AF NutriStem™ hESC XF
  • Defined, Xeno-free
  • Complete: contains human serum albumin (HSA)
  • Optimized for feeder-free culture (Matrigel)
  • Ready-to-use
  • More...
  • Defined, Xeno-free
  • contains no Albumin (AF: Albumin-Free)
  • Optimized for culturing on HFF or MEF feeder layers
  • Ready-to-use
  • More...
  hESc cultured in NutriStem™ hESC XF on Matrigel       hESc cultured in AF NutriStem™ hESC XF
on HFF
Product Cat.# Qty Price CHF
Nutristem hESC XF (with HSA) 05-100-1A 500ml 276.00
05-100-1B 100ml 69.00
Product Cat.# Qty Price CHF
AF Nutristem hESC XF (w/o HSA) 05-102-1A 500ml 214.00
05-102-1B 100ml 54.00
  • Ready-to-use formulations: With Alanyl glutamine. No antibiotics.
  • Xeno-free: all components are defined and are of non-animal origin
  • Supports long-term growth of undifferentiated hESCs (>50 passages)
  • Maintains pluripotency  of hESCs 
  • Maintains differentiation capabilities of hESCs into 3 germ layers (endo-, meso-,  ectoderm)
  • Maintains normal phenotype (morphology) and genotype (karyotype) over extended passages
  • Expression of hESC specific transcription factors and antigens
  • High attachment – does not require adaptation period for feeder free culture
  • Consistent media performance
  • Low proteins, low FGF levels
  • Sterile-filtered (0.1µm), Mycoplsma tested, Endotoxin tested
  • Download Nutristem Brochure
Related Products
Products Cat.# Qty Price CHF
CryoStem™Cryopreservation Medium (optimized for Stem Cells)
Animal component-free, protein-free and chemically defined freezing medium, for cryopreservation of human ES & iPS cells. High Recovery efficiency. Maintains stem cell pluripotency.
05-710-1D 10ml 22.00
05-710-1E 50ml 72.00
Bio-Pure Human Serum Albumin (HSA) , 10% solution
Xeno-free supplement specially qualified for the growth of undifferentiated pluripotent human ES and iPS cells.
05-720-1D 10ml 29.00
05-720-1E 50ml 130.00
05-720-1B 100ml 216.00
Cell Dissociation Solution (non-enzymatic)
helps maximize the yield of functionally viable cells from culture vessels
03-071-1B 100ml 12.00
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