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The World’s Easiest to use antibody labeling kit
Direct labeling of primary antibodies, offers significant benefits over secondary indirect detection:
  • Circumvents problems of cross-over and non-specific binding of secondary reagents
  • Reduces the number of incubation and wash steps
  • Delivers a unique opportunity to study multi-protein complexes using antibodies generated from either the same or different species
The Lightning-Link process - simply add purified antibody to the lyophilised mixture
  • Only 30 seconds hands on time, in a one step format
  • Label as little as 10ug of antibody
  • Over 40 available labels (View labels & Pricing)
  • Antibody recovery is 100%
  • Applicable to Western, ELISA, IHC, FRET, IF, FACS
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Antibody Purification System

Antibody Purification System
Commercially available antibodies often contain substances (e.g. BSA, glycine, tris, azide) that interfere in labeling reactions. The AbSelect™ Purification Kit quickly removes these contaminants. To purify up to 500µg of antibody. More...

Serum Antibody Purification System
Antibodies generated from ascites fluid and serum are often supplied as crude formulations. Both ascites fluid and serum contain many substances that interfere with antibody labeling reactions. These antibodies can easily be purified from the media with the AbSelect Serum system. To purify up to 20mg of antibody. More...

TCS Antibody Purification System
Antibodies are often generated from hybridoma cell lines and supplied in tissue culture supernatant (TCS). TCS itself contains many substances that interfere with antibody labeling reactions. The AbSelect TCS system is a fast and simple method to purify these antibodies prior to labeling. To purify antibody from 10-50ml of hybridoma TCS. More...

The components of the AbSelect™ kit are fully compatible with the Lightning-Link™ antibody labeling system!
Cat# Product Qty CHF
860-0005 AbSelect Antibody Purification Kit 1 purific. 219.00
860-0010 3 purific. 499.00
863-0030 AbSelect Serum Antibody Purification 1 purific. 264.00
863-0500 3 purific. 599.00
862-0030 AbSelect TCS Antibody Purification Kit 1 purific. 264.00
862-0500 3 purific. 599.00
Antibody Concentration and Cleanup Kit


The Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit allows for the quick and easy concentration of antibodies and proteins. The kit can also be used to reduce the concentration of many unwanted additives often found in antibody formulations such as azide, glycine or tris. More...

  • simple spin column method
  • easy and quick
Cat# Product Qty CHF
861-0005 Antibody Concentration and Clean up kit 1 Spin column 38.00
861-0010 3 Spin columns 67.00
The PapPen is an effective tool for IHC staining procedures. The Super Pap Pen is used for immunohistochemical applications. The hydrophobic properties allow the user to draw barriers on glass slides in any pattern. This will confine the flow of reagents to a defined area. A minimum of valuable anti-serum can be used. Pen markings are resistant to chemicals commonly used, but can be removed by wiping the slide with a tissue or lab wipe. Heat-stable up to 120° C.
  • Save precious antibody or serum solution
  • No need to dry slides: draw markings on wet slides
  • Circles will provide water-resistant containment
  • Not affected by water-soluble mounting media
  • Several sections can be treated on same slide
  • Not affected by temperature up to 120°C
  • Suitable for in situ hybridization
Cat# Product CHF
NAN-011 LIQUID BLOCKER (SUPER PAP PEN) - Mini (Fine point) 55.00
NAN-012 LIQUID BLOCKER (SUPER PAP PEN) - Regular (Broad point) 84.00

Citifluor are mounting media designed to reduce the fading (bleaching) of the fluorescence of fluorochromes.
  • AF1 solution (most frequently used) is an anti-bleaching agent contained in a glycerol PBS solution and is particularly useful for examining tissue sections
  • AF2 solution contains the antifadent in glycerol which enables users to choose their own buffer
  • AF3 is the antifadent in PBS solution and is particularly useful for examining live cells
  • AF87 is a non fluorescent immersion oil containing antifadent
  • CFPVOH is an aqueous solution of poly(vinyl alcohol) for use as a solid mountant
  • AF100 is a solution of antifadents for use with CFPVOH when bleaching of specimens in a solid mountant is a problem

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