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What are StellARray™ qPCR arrays?  
The StellARray™ Gene Expression System offers a revolutionary qPCR system that helps you to focus on the gene "constellations" relevant for your individual research area. StellARray™ qPCR Arrays are based on SYBR Green real-time PCR and represent the most reliable and sensitive gene expression profiling technology for analyzing a focused panel of genes in signal transduction, biological process, or disease related pathways using quantitative PCR. Each well in the StellARray™ contains primers that amplify a gene related to the pathway or disease state of interest.
Why using StellARray™ qPCR arrays?
Simple & Efficient
  • Simple real-time qPCR method
  • Copy number analysis & expression profiling with the same array plate
  • Works with all common real-time thermocyclers! Compatibility table
Extraordinary Performance
  • Sensitive, reproducible, specific and reliable
  • Excellent normalization by GPR Software frees you from unwanted bias (no housekeeping normalizers needed!)
Multiple gene profiling
  • A 96-well Array comprises 94 validated gene primer sets plus controls
  • Combine any four 96 well StellARray™ into a 384-well StellARray™
  More than 150 pathway or disease-specific qPCR arrays available
  - Allergy
- Angiogenesis
- Adipositas
- Blood disease
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular disease
- CNS disorder
- Developmental biology
- Immune disorder
- Immunology
- Infectious disease
- Mental disorder
- Metabolism
- Signal transduction
- Stem Cells
- Toxicology
- Wound healing

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  How it works
Step 1: Design your experiments in the context of your research focus using GeneSieve™
Step 2: Perform StellARray™ qPCR Array(s) to quantitate gene expression & copy number
  1. Calculate Reagent Set-up Volumes using the Reagent Calculator and pipet the MasterMix to the StellARray™
  2. Prepare and pipet your template into StellARray™
  3. Seal the filled StellARray ™, spin down shortly and soak for 15 minutes
  4. Run the qPCR using a real-time thermocycler, analyze and then export the data to an Excelsheet
    Download detailed Protocol

Step 3: Evaluate results using Global Pattern Recognition™ (GPR) software to find possible relevant associations
  Is your waterbath clean?

  • For waterbaths and thermostats
• For heatable cuvette-holders
• For all temperable watercooling systems

Germicidial and complex binding keeps the water clean for approx. 2 months in open water systems and for 3-4 months in closed cooling sytems. The blue color indicates the effectiveness of the substance during this time. Prothermal is non-toxic and can be disposed biologically.

  PROTHERMAL prevents:
• Growth of algae
• Growth of mold
• Growth of bacteria
• Development of odour
• Deposit of calcium and heavy metals

  How to use PROTHERMAL:
0-50°C: 2-3 ml PROTHERMAL/1 liter ddH2O
>50°C: 1-2 ml PROTHERMAL/1 liter ddH2O

Safety Data Sheet

Price CHF

  • High quality chemiluminescence results
  • High quality diagnostic radiographs
  • Consistent image quality
  • High sensitivity, resolution and sharpness
  • Easy film handling


FUJIFILM Super RX is blue sensitive universal film with a wide tonal range for all types of applications. Fuji Super RX is a half speed, high contrast film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for chemiluminescence procedures as well as for general medical radiography. It provides exceptionally sharp, high contrast images. FUJIFILM Super RX's reliable image quality will greatly improve diagnostic capabilities and chemiluminescence results. Its spectral sensitivity peaks at 380nm. Datasheet

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