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The StellARray™ Gene Expression System offers a revolutionary qPCR system that helps you to focus on the gene "constellations" relevant for your individual research area and frees your gene expression profiling from unwanted bias.
  • Copy number analysis & expression profiling with the same array plate
  • Reliable normalization by GPR Software (no housekeeping normalizers needed!)
  • Each 96-well Array comprises 94 validated gene primer sets plus controls
  • Combine any four 96 well StellARray™ into a 384-well StellARray™
>150 pathway or disease-specific qPCR arrays

- Allergy
- Angiogenesis
- Adipositas
- Blood disease
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular disease
- CNS disorder
- Developmental biology
- Immune disorder

- Immunology
- Infectious disease
- Mental disorder
- Metabolism
- Signal transduction
- Stem Cells
- Toxicology
- Wound healing

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Custom plate manufacture option
Compile your individual qPCR array! More...
The 3 parts of StellARray™ Gene Expression System:
Compatible with most of the common thermocyclers
Plate Format Real-Time Instruments
Standard 96-well Plate Eppendorf, Bio-Rad iCycler, iQ5, myiQ or Stratagene MX3000P, MX3005P (non-ABI, non-Roche, non-low-profile)
AB 96-well Plate All ABI “standard” blocks (7000, 7300, 7500, 7700, 7900)
FAST 96-well Plate ABI and other FAST 96-well blocks
384-well Plate All common 384-well thermal cyclers, such as those from ABI, Eppendorf, Bio-Rad
Please contact us to get compatible plate formats for LightCycler 480 or low-profile devices (BIO-RAD CFX96, Stratagene MX4000)

How it works
Download Protocol
Product CHF Price
1 Unit 3 Units 6 Units 9 Units Bulk
Human or Mouse 96-well StellARray™ 696.00 1671.00 2506.00 3132.00 inquire
Human or Mouse 384-well StellARray™ 1392.00 3341.00 5012.00 6264.00 inquire
Custom 96-well StellARray™ inquire inquire inquire inquire inquire
Custom 384-well StellARray™ inquire inquire inquire inquire inquire
Minimal ordering quantity: 1 Unit (2x96- or 2x384-well plates)
Full Moon BioSystems antibody arrays consist of performance-tested antibodies immobilized on high quality glass surface coated with Full Moon BioSystems’ 3D polymer materials providing high binding efficiency and specificity.
  • Protein expression profiling (qualitative)
  • Measure changes in phosphorylation at specific sites
  • Compare profiles of normal/diseased/ treated samples
  • Identify candidate biomarkers
Key Features
  • Microarray format for high throughput expression profiling protein extracts from cells, frozen or FFPE tissues, or serum samples
  • Carefully selected, well-characterized antibodies
  • Each antibody is printed with replicates for reliable and consistent results
  • High specificity and affinity; low background
  • Suitable for detection on all fluorescent microarray scanners compatible with 76x25x1mm slides
  • GenePix® Array List (GAL) files are provided for convenient and accurate data analysis
  • Antibody Array Assay Kit provides optimized reagents and buffers for protein extraction, labeling, coupling and detection
How it works
Explorer Antibody Microarrays
The comprehensive Explorer Array and Phospho Explorer Array allow investigators to examine hundreds of proteins in a single experiment.
Explorer Antibody Array (656 Ab's)
Kinase Antibody Array (276 Ab's)
Phospho Explorer Array (1318 Ab's)
Phospho Explorer S1 Array (562 Ab's)
Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray (228 Ab's)
Phospho- and Pathway-specific Antibody Arrays
The Pathway Antibody Arrays and Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays are designed for researchers to study highly relevant proteins in their specific research fields.
Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays (32-248 Ab's per array)
AKT Pathway
AKT/PKB Signaling
AMPK Signaling
Apoptosis Pathway
Cancer Signaling
Cell Cycle
Cell Cycle Control
CREB Pathway
Cytoskeleton II
EGF Pathway
ErB/HER Signaling
Erk Signaling
FGF Pathway
GPCR Signaling to MAPK/ERK
IGF-1R Signaling
Insulin Receptor
Jak/Stat Pathway
Jak/Stat II Pathway
MAPK Pathway
NF-kB Pathway
NF-kB II Signaling
Nuclear/Membrane Receptors
p53 Signaling
PDGF Pathway
T-Cell Receptor Signaling
TGF-Beta Signaling
Tyrosine Kinase Adaptors
VEGF pathway
Pathway Antibody Arrays (30-165 antibodies per array)
Cancer Markers
Cell Cycle
Signal Transduction
Stem Cell
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